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August 1, 2018







GREAT:  I own, and more importantly have tried, many strollers out on the market and this is by far my hands down absolute favorite.  I honestly wish I would have known about it sooner – as in prior to Christian being born, as it might have been my one and only stroller rather than my one of many strollers.


What is so amazing about this stroller is that you can use it from birth (including with a car seat) through having two kids all while being able to fold this bad boy down small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane (52 x 44 x 18 cm).  My one caveat on the two kids though is that the oldest needs to probably be at least 2 or older in order to be able to use with both kids, as the older child has a sit and stand board to ride on.  Therefore, they need to be able to sit securely on the board by themselves without the fear of them falling off.


In order to use from birth you have two options (1) buy adapters to use with your car seat (works with Cybex, Nuna and Maxi-Cosi car seats – or any car seat that works with one of those companies adaptors) or (2) buy the newborn nest which is basically a cocoon that attaches to the base of your stroller that you place baby in for $225 (very much like a bassinet).  I had the bassinet for my Uppababy Vista and rarely used it as I felt the car seat was easier – but I also had the Cybex Cloud Q which allowed me to lay the car seat flat when on the stroller so it was like baby was in a bassinet.  Whether or not you need to purchase the newborn nest would really be a personal decision of how you want to use the stroller if using from birth.


I was a little skeptical on the push of this stroller since it is so light (um hello 13.6lbs) and folds down so compact.  I was shocked at how amazing of a push and steer this stroller has and that is thanks to its 4-wheel suspension.  It is so easy to push that I can do so one handed even when both boys are sitting on the stroller.  The glide is smooth and feels very stable whether I’m walking around the mall or through my neighborhood.  The stroller has a patented and exclusive “soft drive” system meaning there is no need to block (or lock) the front of the wheels regardless of the ground conditions.  I took this thing off-roading while going down the side of a mountain in Jackson Hole and up until we hit huge rocks it held its own.


GOOD:  The fact that this stroller can easily become a double stroller thanks to the YoYo+ board is every two young children parent’s dream.  The board is so extremely easy to use and can be installed in less than 10 seconds.  I can even install using one hand if I needed to and it can carry a child up to 44lbs.  When the board is in use I tend to walk to the side as the board gets in my walkway if I stand behind the stroller; however, I don’t find this an issue as I can easily push the stroller with only one hand even when both boys are riding.  Even with the board on requiring me to walk to the side I’m still very comfortable using the stroller and the board.  When we are out and about and Christian is running around and not using the board I can fold it up into a convenient space-saving storage position and then go back to walking back behind the stroller like normal.

The stroller has an extendable canopy with 50+ sun protection that provides pretty decent coverage.  You also get a rain cover included with your purchase of the stroller, as well as a storage pouch to put the stroller into.  Great thing about the storage pouch is that in addition to the stroller it can also fit the YoYo+ board making traveling even easier.


The stroller provides a deep recline and even though it doesn’t go to a completely flat position, it does recline well enough for a child to comfortably take a nap.  The recline is operated by a strap system which definitely requires two hands to recline and bring back up.  While most strap systems only require one hand to recline, this one works a little differently and isn’t my favorite but also wouldn’t prevent me from loving this stroller.  The most upright position of the stroller is very upright – which might sound funny to you that I’m sharing this, but a lot of moms have issues with strollers not going completely upright.  In fact, they will choose a stroller based on the upright position – so if this is a big concern for you know this stroller can be 100% upright.  The seat has extra comfortable padding, along with the shoulder straps making for a very comfortable ride for your child.  The seat can accommodate a child from 6 months up to 40lbs. 


There is an XXL storage basket underneath, and while it is large for a compact umbrella stroller it has nothing on the storage capacity of my Uppababy Vista.  I do appreciate the size of the basket and am able to fit my diaper bag underneath but it is a little hard to get in and out.  I would be able to fit some items on a Target or grocery run, but nothing like I could with a larger stroller. 


The stroller comes with a storage bag that I have used to travel but the airline did put it through quite the beating and I’m not sure how many trips it will be able to take.  To be fair, the bag probably wasn’t meant to be used to gate check.  There is a travel bag that you can purchase for $74.99 that allows you to carry it with the built-in stroller carry strap, or wear as a backpack which is genius.  It also provides more protection for the stroller when traveling and considering how much you spent on the stroller it isn’t a terrible idea to keep it protected if you are going to be traveling a lot.  The negative would be that it is an incredibly snug fit so is hard to get the hang of putting the stroller in and there is no room to add the YoYo board which is a must for us to have when traveling.


Other fun features is if you lift the canopy in the back you will see a large opening between the back of the seat and the canopy which helps with air flow on a hot day and also allows for a taller child to comfortably recline.  The seat has an adjustable 5 point harness with a center release buckle that is easy to use.  There is a small mesh pocket in the back of the seat to store small items like your keys, cell phone or wallet and the parking brake is flip-flop friendly.  Also, there is a carry strap built into the stroller so that you can easily carry on your shoulder.  With the stroller only being 13lbs this makes taking the stroller with you a breeze.


BAD: The stroller came in a box which required me to assemble it.  When I first started I was very confused and didn’t find that the directions provided were that great.  Great news is that there were tons of YouTube videos that clearly showed how to put the stroller together and once I watched it I was able to easily assemble in 10 minutes.


I hate that there isn’t a built in cup holder but at the same time understand why since it wouldn’t be able to fold down nearly as awesome with one.  I always seem to lose detachable cup holders.  Also, while there are many accessories to purchase for the stroller there isn’t a snack tray which makes me sad.  You could use one of the cup holders that you can buy to put some snacks in for your kid as there are many placements the cup holder can go on the stroller; however, this really isn’t as great as an actual snack tray going across like a belly bar. 


I know this might sound as a stretch when it comes to the ‘bad’ but it truly is the only thing I wish was different about this stroller – other than that I absolutely LOVE this stroller and everything it has to offer.


UGLY:  The price is high at $499 for the stroller or $724 if you also want it to have the newborn nest (bassinet) piece.  I know this sounds like a high price but when you compare to a lot of high-end strollers that are on the market it really isn’t that terrible of a price.  Depending on your current and future situation with the number or kids and ages of your kids, this stroller can be your everyday stroller for one or two kids, your travel stroller, or your ‘stay in the car’ stroller since it is so small and takes up very little space.  Since getting this stroller I haven’t used any of my other strollers and don’t know when I will use them.  The YoYo+ checks off all the things that I need right now for Christian and Thomas and I love getting the opportunity to use this stroller.


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