Apple Watch 3 with Cellular

July 30, 2018



GREAT:  Prior to owning my Apple watch I never wore a watch.  I always tried to jump on the watch trend but I just hated having something on my wrist and realized that I never used it to tell me the time so what was the point.  As a tech lover I immediately jumped on the Apple Watch train, initially with the first generation, but now I have had the Apple Watch 3 with Cellular since September and let me tell you I LOVE IT.


I wear this every single day – the entire day – from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed.  It is the first thing I put on and the last thing I take off.  It has become a part of me and I honestly feel naked when I don’t have it on my wrist.


I decided to go with the cellular version because I wanted to break away from my phone.  By wearing my watch I have found that I am less inclined to have my phone on me and therefore am enjoying the world around me more rather than staring at my phone.  With having the two toddlers there were times we are scrambling out the door and I’ll realize I forgot my phone 10 minutes into the drive.  Prior to my cellular Apple watch I’d have to turn around and go back home because I never want to be trapped anywhere without the ability to be reached by my husband or family in case something big happened.  I also never wanted to get stranded somewhere without a way to get a hold of anyone in case an emergency happens to me.  Now though, I don’t have to fret if the phone stays home as I can still fully communicate with people via my watch.


There are so many other ways that my watch lets me ‘let go’ of my phone.  When my husband and I go on date nights I no longer need to have my phone on the table in case the babysitter needs to get ahold of me.  My watch will provide me the alert if my babysitter tries to text message or call us.  This allows me to be more engaged at dinner.  My watch also receives the alerts from our baby monitor if there is noise being made by the boys so when they are sleeping I can have time to myself without being attached to the baby monitor.  I know that when they wake I will be alerted no matter where in the house I am.


Besides the flexibility the watch allows me in regards to my phone, I also love it for the health aspect.  The watch, sometimes annoyingly, encourages me to get up and do something.  There are daily / weekly goals that I can set as far as movement goes and my watch will try to hold me accountable – though it is very easy to just push ‘dismiss.’  My watch lets me know when I’ve been sitting for too long and should get up and move around which is helpful when I’m working, it will tell me when I’ve been super lazy and am not anywhere near my daily movement goal, it will give me some interesting suggestions on how I can fix that and it will cheer me on when I hit my goals.


GOOD:  I love the clean look and design of the Apple Watch.  While I think Apple has some good bands, I have always found bands I like better on Amazon (which is what I’m currently wearing with my watch).  The current one I have now gives the watch a little more formality to it, making it easier to wear in any scenario no matter what I am wearing or doing. 


The device is fairly user-friendly to use and you don’t need a lot of knowledge on the device to get going.  I’m still learning new ways to use it or new things to do with it so it definitely takes some time (or some online researching) to get the full benefit of the watch, but as far as basic functions go you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use it. 


I’m a huge fan of the fact that it is water-proof so that I can wear it when I’m swimming in the pool with the boys.  Not only is it nice that if someone needed to get hold of me they could, but also I’m able to tell time when in the water to know when we need to get out to go somewhere and stay updated on my notifications.  This is extra beneficial on days I’m not working as I’m still able to access my emails from my watch so if someone at my company needed something from me I would be able to quickly know. 


The watch is comfortable enough for me to wear all-day, every day without feeling like it is getting in my way.  Considering I never wore a watch prior to my Apple Watch this is a big deal.  Whether I’m at work, hanging out with the boys or working out, there is never any issues with irritation on my wrist or feeling like I just want to take it off.


I also love that the watch has a heart-rate monitor built-in for when I’m working out.  The workout app allows me to input what I’m doing whether that be cycling, interval travel or ‘open workout’ and then using my movement and the heart-rate monitor calculate how many calories I have burned.  I’m a big numbers person so this encourages me to work-out a little longer, or go a little faster in order to beat my last workout numbers.


BAD:  Some might say that by having the Apple Watch you are actually more connected to your phone since you are able to get your alerts, text messages, phone calls, etc. straight to your watch.  While I agree with that statement, I have to argue that because I am able to get these things to my watch I have more free time.  If I get an alert with a text message or phone call I can quickly glance down and decide if I want to answer or dismiss.  If I didn’t have my watch I’d be more inclined to run and find my phone as it could be important.  While I can access a small amount of Instagram or Facebook on my watch, it isn’t enough that I’m every enticed to take a quick scroll through to see what people are up to.  Besides the important things such as text, phone or email, I usually find myself less tempted to scroll through my watch then I am with my phone.  Also, it is VERY easy to silence everything on my watch so that when I do want to disconnect entirely I can while at the same time wearing the watch.


While you have access to Siri, she really isn’t that great when it comes to the Apple Watch (in my opinion, she really isn’t that great ever).  Having the Apple Watch, especially the cellular version, is supposed to mean being able to reply to text messages without having to take my phone out.  What I have come to realize is that if I’m not able to reply to the text message with one of the standard, pre-formulated responses that I have to choose from when reading the text I’m pretty much out of luck.  The number of times the Siri predictive text has properly dictated my text message is close to 0.  No matter how many times I try, she gets it so completely wrong it doesn’t make sense or just freezes and acts as if I didn’t say anything.  So my options are to either not respond to the text, make a watch phone call or get my phone and reply back as if I never had an Apple Watch.  The flip side is that my phone calls have always worked great on my Apple Watch, but then I also look like the crazy person who is taking to their wrist so you win some and lose some.


My other issue, and this is definitely a mom/parent only issue, is that it is so easy for my sons to swipe up and turn my watch to silent or airplane mode or to something where I stop getting alerts and the watch stops being as useful.  The plus side is that when I want to silence my watch it is easy with a simple swipe up and tap; however, it is almost too easy as my kids always randomly do it without me realizing it.  If there was one extra step, such as having to hit ‘ok’, it would make it less likely my kids would be able to mess with my watch and ultimately my sanity.


UGLY:  The price, at $399 it is expensive; however, for me and what it brings to my life it is worth it.  I wear this every single day and it is used as more than just a watch every single day.  There are much cheaper options out there that can provide you fitness data, but there really isn’t anything out there that can be so fully integrated with my phone and my life that allows me to disconnect while still being connected if needed.  If you have been on the fence about whether or not you would find the Apple Watch useful I would say go for it. 


*note there is an additional ‘hidden’ cost with purchasing the cellular option and that is the cost of activating it under your phone plan to be able to use cellular.  The cost for me is $10 per month.  It also was a bit of a pain to get the cellular actually set up on my watch but I believe they have figured all the kinks out.  I was one of the first people to call AT&T to try and activate the cellular feature so they were very confused.  Since it has been a while I think you would fare much better than I did when you call to activate.


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