Eternity Birthstone Ring

July 26, 2018



Call me sentimental but I love an item that has meaning to it – always have and always will.  After having the boys, I started on a search to find something that would allow me to have the boys close by even when I was away from them.  It was very important to me that I would be comfortable wearing this item every day.


GREAT: I was so excited to find these rings.  I wear them pretty much every day on my right hand with my original wedding band separating them.  The rings are the boy’s birthstones and hit on the exact sentimental pull that I was wanting to feel.  I love that I can wear them with anything and they provide a little bit of color to my otherwise monochrome wardrobe.  For me though, the reason I love these rings is because they remind me of my boys.  No matter whether I’m at work, out on date night or out of town I can also look down, catch a glimpse of the rings and find a smile cross my face.


GOOD:  The rings are made from sterling silver and have over 28 stones which are all prong set.  The ring is entirely handmade and can be purchased for $175.  I found the ring on Etsy and found the company and their customer service to be impeccable.  One of the rings I originally received had a stone fall out shortly after receiving.  After one message they quickly replaced the ring and even sent me a pair of earrings as an apology for the inconvenience.  The shipping was fast and the rings arrived looking exactly like the pictures and description on their Etsy page.


BAD:  Due to the make of this ring, you are unable to resize it, so you really need to know your ring size prior to ordering it.  Good news is the company has a 7 day return policy and the company will fix any issue at no additional charge to you.  Please note that all returns must be fully insured with signature confirmation.


I have worn these rings almost every single day for two years.  They have been through a whole lot.  Two years in there are some stones that have been lost but the majority of the ring has held up strong.  With only a couple missing stones scattered throughout it doesn’t bother me, but as more stones eventually disappear I will most likely eventually have to buy a new one.  I don’t fault the ring on this though as I have put them both through way more than anyone could expect and since it was purchased through an Etsy retailer there isn’t a store I could have taken them to for regular maintenance. 


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this ring, I mean I have two in two different colors.  I love my rings, they mean the absolute world to me and hit the mark when it comes to sentimental value for me.  Once I beat these rings up fully I will be buying two new ones as I always want them to be with me.


To purchase CLICK HERE

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