Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter

July 24, 2018





GREAT:  To say Christian is in love with this scooter would be an understatement.  This is one of his most favorite things to do outside and boy has he gotten good at it.

One of the things I love most about the scooter is the safety.  There are rumors that some Swiss medical experts were instrumental in the design of the scooter but I haven’t been able to pinpoint in what capacity. 


The scooter is easy to use and incredibly durable and sturdy.  There are two front wheels which help with balance and the wheels are rather large making balance even easier.  The tires are made of hard rubber or Polyutherane allowing for a smooth ride for your child.  I think one of the reasons Christian loves this scooter so much is because how easy and seamless of a glide the scooter has.  It reacts easily and quickly to what

Christian is doing and he was able to quickly learn how to control the scooter.


The way that your child steers the scooter is by using their weight and leaning into the direction they want to go.  This is perfect for toddlers to learn and gain confidence when on the scooter; however, it might take a couple hours or days for your child to learn the concept as they will initially think they can turn the handle bars and they can’t.  When Christian first started out he would try to turn the handle bars but it wouldn’t do anything for him.  After gaining the confidence to go a little faster on it, he also caught on to using his weight to lean to where he wanted to go. 


Once they get good at it and become a daredevil, like Christian has now days, it is possible for them to lean and take wide corners at a fast speed without falling.  There is a built-in safety feature that allows them to do this as the turning circle is quite large allowing them to stay safely upright on the scooter.  They are unable to take short, tight circles because the large turning radius has made it impossible making it very, very difficult for your child to fall off when going around a curve.


The braking system is a very clever addition to this scooter, though Christian still hasn’t exactly figured out how to use it.  It is a rear-wheel brake fender and all your child needs to do is step on it and it slows the back of the wheel down.  Seeing neighborhood boys ride the scooter what I’ve noticed is it provides a gentle stop even when going fast so that the child isn’t thrown or jerked from the scooter.


The board itself is made of plastic with reinforced fiber glass.  It is strong and sturdy while also allowing for a flexible give to provide the child a smoother ride.  It is suitable up to a max weight of 44lbs and the manufacturer claims the ideal age for the scooter is 2 to 5 years but Christian started younger than that and has loved every second of riding it.


GOOD:  Anyone with a toddler knows that sometimes you will be the one carrying the toy back to the house.  I try to instill in Christian, as much as I can, that if he takes the toy away from the house he must be the one to bring it home, but without fail there are always exceptions to this rule.  Thankfully, this scooter is extremely lightweight at 3.3lbs so when the full-fledge 2 year old toddler tantrum comes out I have easily been able to carry Christian, the scooter and Thomas at the same time by myself.


This is one of those products where you don’t even have to take my word for it, anywhere you look you will find that this scooter is the highest rated scooter for 2-5 year olds.  In addition, it has won numerous awards such as the ASTRA Best Toy Award 2014, Gold and SNAP Award Seals 2019, 2010 and 2011, Parents’ Choice Award 2010 and Tillywig Top Fun Award 2014 just to name a few. 


BAD:  In general, the scooter seems to be a little front heavy and therefore, if your child tries to switch surfaces (for example going pavement to grass) there is a chance they will flip forward.  Christian has yet to flip fully over, but there have been a couple times where he runs into the grass and it has thrown him a little forward.  This is why you should always supervise your child at all times when riding and ensure they wear the proper safety items. 


When we first started using the scooter, Christian only had a helmet, but now if he is wanting to be a speed demon down driveways and around corners I'll sometimes also make him wear knee and elbow pads.


The other issue I have is that the handle bars aren’t adjustable.  Now days this is fine as Christian is tall enough to ride with the current handle bar height; however, when he first started riding they were a little tall and it would have been nice to be able to lower them.  Again, Christian started earlier than the manufacturer recommended age so this was more of a personal issue and not one that everyone will encounter.  Also, you can purchase the deluxe model that has an adjustable handle bar.  The original version that we own doesn’t have that option.


UGLY:  It is on the higher side at $79.99; however, I truly think it is worth the additional cost due to the construction, design and safety features.  Plus, your child will love and use it for a long time.  You will definitely get your money’s worth on this one.


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