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July 5, 2018





GREAT:  What do you get when you take the look of a wagon and combined it with the feel, safety and functionality of a high-end stroller?  This, you get the Veer wagon.  This wagon can do it all and then some, but it does it with the smoothness that you would expect from a high-end stroller.  The Veer offers all terrain performance meaning there isn’t anywhere you can’t take this.  From walks around the neighborhood, to hikes through the hills, the Veer can keep up with your lifestyle.


When the boys are in the wagon, I feel comfortable knowing they are safely secured inside and can’t get out on their own.  There are two passenger seats with a 3-point safety harness.  In between the boys fits a snack and drink table that allows them the perfect place to put their water while out on walks.  It easily snaps on and off and can be moved closer to one side of the wagon for younger kids to be able to reach.


You have a one touch footbrake that is flip-flop friendly and an adjustable handle bar to make the wagon comfortable for you.  The wagon is able to fold using one-hand and is self-standing when folded up.  In addition, you can quickly and easily remove both set of wheels if you need more room when throwing in your car to take with you.


There are 6 mesh interior pockets to store hats, sunscreen, etc. and 4 storage wells for toys or additional drinks. 


You are able to push or pull the wagon for whichever way fits you best (I prefer pushing unless I’m going up uneven ground and then I prefer to pull) and you never have to worry about the elements getting the best of your wagon as the sidewalls are water, stain and fade-resistant.


I can seriously go on and on about all this wagon has to offer.  For me, it pushes like my Uppababy Vista but offers me more options when out and about with both boys.  While the fold is easy, I definitely feel like the Uppababy Vista or another double stroller is a little more convenient for quick errands; however, the extra minute it takes to put the wagon together is definitely not the end of the world.  While I personally feel as if this would replace my everyday stroller, you could easily make this your go-to double stroller.


The one big thing I love about this wagon is all the room it allows me to bring anything and everything we could ever need when out on an adventure.  From blankets to snacks to toys – it is able to hold everything that everyone in the whole family needs.


The quality of the wagon can be seen and felt in every detail.  The thought that has gone into the wagon is seen everywhere – from how easy it is to incorporate all the accessories, to how easy it is to clean, to how simple it folds down to take with you on the go.  You can tell from the second you touch it, that this is a wagon that will last a lifetime.


GOOD:  The ways to use this wagon and the accessories that you can purchase to use with this wagon are endless.  You have the retractable canopy, bug shield, comfort seat for toddler, foldable storage basket, infant car seat adapter, nap system, cup holders and travel bag that can all be purchased for extra customization. 


We have the retractable canopy, foldable storage basket, cup holders and travel bag and there are a million different things we can now do with the wagon.  The canopy keep the boys protected on these hot summer days when going for walks, the storage basket allows Christian to take all his lawn mowers and trimmers with us on walks just in case he needs to cut the neighbors grass, the cup holders keep mom hydrated and the travel bag allows us to the take the wagon with us when we travel. 


While we haven’t had any use for the car seat adapter or the nap system, in the future if we have another child these two items could certainly come in handy.  It would be great to be able to carry the new baby and the boys together and provide a safe place for baby to take a nap while watching the boys play sports.


The company itself is absolutely amazing and their customer service could not be better.  I had misplaced the snack and drink tray and reached out to the company through their website asking how I could purchase a new one.  A week later I received a package from Veer to find a new snack and drink tray had been sent to me, for free!  Talk about making a customer for life.  Yes, this product is expensive, but when you get this kind of customer service it helps make the price a little more worth it.


BAD:  The push on this takes a little getting used to as it has a tendency to pull to one side or another when taking it out on a walk.  It definitely isn’t a one-hand push, especially on bumpier terrain, but can easily be controlled with both hands when pushing.  Now I’m a pro and I have no problem pushing it exactly where I want to go with little effort.


This is going to be a little nitpicky, but when the boy’s drinks are in the snack and drink tray there can be a little bit of a rattling noise made while you are walking.  For me, this is slightly annoying but after a couple minutes it drowns in with all the other sounds made by nature and doesn’t bother me.  In general, I hate rattling sounds which is why this is probably a bigger issue to me than most – but it is something that I would like to point out.


UGLY:  The cost.  There is no other way to get around it.  I could tell you that the high-quality of the wagon and all the ways you can use it make up for the price (which it does), but at the end of the day it is a lot of money to spend on wagon.  That is the thing though, you can’t view this as a wagon because it really isn’t just a wagon.  You can’t really compare it to other wagons because it is comparing apples to oranges.  This is really a high-end stroller that is shaped like a wagon and when you compare to other high-end strollers the price, while still very high, is in-line with the market.


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