CCBABY One-Year Onesie

June 28, 2018






When CCBaby reached out asking if I would like to try their one-year onesie (#sponsored) I immediately said yes.  While I love supporting mom-run businesses, what intrigued me more was the concept and design of the product.  You mean to tell me they made an onesie that could last my baby an entire year – I had to find out more.


GREAT:  The first thing I fell in love with was how soft the onesie is.  It makes you wish they made one in your size.  This has a very similar feel to that of KicKee Pants and if you have ever touched a pair of those then you know the kind of softness that I’m talking about.  It’s no surprise to find out that the onesie is made from a soft, stretchy organic bamboo blend that also has a hint of cotton for durability and a touch of spandex for stretch.  For an extra bonus the bamboo fabric is breathable and moisture-fighting on top of being hypoallergenic and antibacterial – what?!?!


I’m usually very anti-buttons when it comes to clothing items for my boys when they are little because snapping buttons is usually very difficult when you have a tiny human squirming around trying his very best to prevent you from snapping him in.  So initially I was a little hesitant to be dealing with buttons on this.  These were surprisingly easy to snap together and seem to be a little larger than the snaps I’m used to dealing with which made the whole process much, much easier


In order for this to grow with your little one there are two rows for the snaps to clip into.  There are three snaps in each row and there is enough space between the two rows that it would be difficult to not know which row you are snapping into.  I was a little concerned with how the look would be when one row of snaps would be exposed as the baby got older.  Thomas is on the smaller size of snaps still but when I put it on Christian (yes they BOTH fit into this – how amazing!) it didn’t bother me with one row of snaps showing because it was pretty well hidden on the bottom of his tushy.  Plus, when an older toddler is wearing a onesie they are usually also wearing shorts or pants so you wouldn’t be able to see the snaps anyway. 


Did I mention that this fit BOTH of my boys – Christian who is 29 months (50% height, 15% weight) and Thomas who is 15 months (50% height, 26% weight)!  When having kids so close together, finding something that both could wear at the same time is kind of amazing.


I also love the simplistic design of the onesie.  There aren’t any crazy, bold patterns or a teddy bear saying “Mommy is the best” – just simple colors that can go with a wide range of pants and shorts.  There are 5 colors to choose from and pretty much all are gender neutral if you don’t mind your son rocking pink – which we do not mind in our household.  All my boys, including my husband, can rock a pink shirt.


GOOD:  Babies are expensive.  You wouldn’t think such a small thing could cost so much money, but baby expenses can add up fast.  They also grow at a sometime alarming rate. I can’t tell you how many times my boys would fit into a PJ at night and by the next morning they could barely be contained inside.  Pretty much all baby clothes have a 3 month size span to them which can be annoying and frustrating.  When I had Christian I felt like I was always running to the store for a new PJ the next size up.  This solves that problem by allowing one size for an entire year!  No more wondering if it is going to fit a day or week from now, you make one purchase and you get to keep using the piece for the entire year. 


When a company makes a great product I become a fan, but when a company also gives back to those in need I become a true supporter.  CCBaby supports Abel Speaks which is a non-profit organization that supports families carrying a baby who has received a life-limiting diagnosis in the womb.  The company donates The Everything Blanket to be included in each Abel box which is a gift given those families.  I love when a company not only produces a product for the baby world but also tries to help the baby world. 


BAD:  The initial sticker price of this will make you take a second glance because for an onesie you wouldn’t expect to be paying $39.99.  If you are used to buying KicKee Pants or Kissy-Kissy, this isn’t too big of a sticker shock for you.  When you really think about it you are actually winning since this item will last 4 times as long as what you normally by.


If you don’t normally buy the higher-end brands (me!) then you are probably a little hesitant to spend that kind of money on 1 onesie.  If you compare this price to the 4 different sizes you would need to buy in one year, it really isn’t that bad.  When you add on top of it the high-quality and soft material you are definitely coming out ahead.


Once you get past the price, my other worry is that my boys are messy, they are dirty, in short they are boys.  We sometimes go through clothes not because we grow out of them but because they are just too gross to wear anymore.  I would be incredibly sad if I spent all of this money on an onesie only for Thomas to smear tomato sauce all over it, or color on himself with a marker that he magically finds.  So far this onesie has cleaned perfectly and everything Thomas has gotten himself into has been easily cleaned off the onesie after going through the wash. 


With all that being said I would love to have a couple of these in my boy’s closet to be my go to when I need a fast outfit that I know will fit for him to comfortably run around in.  It won’t be my choice for Thomas to wear on pasta night but it will be the perfect choice for him to run around outside in on these warm Texas days.


UGLY:  I really don’t have anything ugly to say.  I really like the concept of this onesie, the quality is impeccable and the company is one I want to support.  If you are needing a few good staple onesies to go in your child’s closet I recommend giving these a try.


To purchase CLICK HERE

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