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June 27, 2018







GREAT:  I love myself a good diaper bag and when I saw this one I had to give it a try.  What intrigued me about it, and one of the reasons I love it, is the functionality that this diaper bag provides. 


At the top of the bag is an easily accessible zippered pocket that is large enough to fit your wallet, keys, cell phone and a couple other items.  Within this top pocket is two elastic side pockets to store the smaller things.  I absolutely love this area of the bag.  When holding the bag on my shoulder it is so easy to access when I need to pay for something and I love the security I get with having the zipper that nothing will just spill out.  By having the pockets inside this space I can keep my chapstick, travel aquaphor, pacifiers or any other smaller item neatly organized so that I can always find it.


The main pocket is accessed through a zipper on the front of the bag with the flap coming down like a draw-bridge when opening it to get inside.  This to me was very unique and different from all my other bags.  At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but after using it I have come to really like it as I feel it provides me easier access to getting things from the main section.  This main compartment houses extra features to help keep you and your life organized.  There are two zippered pockets, one in the back and one on the front inside flap, in addition to two open pockets.  The space of the main compartment is large and allows me to easily fit all of the necessities with plenty of room to spare.


The outside also has some goodies that really make this bag so great.   There are two tinsulate-lined side pockets that are absolutely the perfect size for a bottle or kids cup.  The pockets help keep the drinks warm or cold and because they are a separate section from the rest of the bag, if the drink spills it is a super easy clean up.  Both of these pockets are also zippered so that nothing gets in or out without you wanting it to.  The back of the bag has a tablet / changing paid combo pocket which is the perfect place to protect your expensive electronics.  This spot is perfect for me when traveling with the kids.  It makes the bag functional for not only my boys’ stuff but also mine.


GOOD:  I love a good looking bag, especially one that doesn’t scream BABY!  This is a bag that I will be able to use and wear long after my boys are grown.  It will be perfect for taking with me when I travel because of all the space, storage and organization that it provides.


The bag is made from heirloom-quality vegan leather which is soft to the touch and provides an expensive look to it.  The hardware is all top of the line so that the bag will last through all the wear and tear you put it through.  You are able to carry the bag on your shoulder, cross-body or like a backpack and the straps to the back-pack are lightly padded to give you a comfortable fit.  The zippers are made of high quality YKK making opening and closing the bag a breeze.


The bag is also weather and worry proof meaning that you can easily wipe off messes and spills without worrying about damaging your bag.


BAD:  I wish there was a way to hide the back-pack straps when not in use.  This definitely isn’t a huge issue, but I do think it would make the bag look cleaner when being carried on the shoulder if I didn’t have the back-pack straps in the way.


The price is on the higher-end for a diaper bag at $169.95; however, that price is justified by the quality of the bag and definitely in-line with all the other high-end diaper bags that it is competing against.


UGLY:  I really don’t have anything ugly to say about this bag.  I randomly found it one day searching the internet and I’m so glad that I did.  It has so many useful and unique attributes that make keeping my mom life organized and easier.


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