Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Vacuum

June 21, 2018





GREAT:  Having two toddlers you need something that is powerful enough to clean up any mess while also being easy enough to handle and use so you don’t lose your mind.  Prior to getting this vacuum I was a Dyson girl, but after having this I will never own anything but a Shark every again! 


This vacuum makes me want to vacuum.  There are two different suction levels depending on the surface you are cleaning (carpet vs. hardwood) so that you can get the best clean every time.  I can’t begin to describe how impressed I am by the suction on this thing – there hasn’t been a mess it hasn’t picked up.  During the summer, we love playing with water balloons outside, but the downside is the mess of all the tiny balloon parts that are left scattered across my back patio.  After getting this vacuum I had the genius idea to let the balloon parts dry and then suck them up with this vacuum – and you know what – it worked GREAT!  A mess that would normally have taken me 30 minutes or more to clean up while breaking my back from bending over and collecting all those tiny pieces is now done in under 2 minutes.  I also use it on the bounce house prior to inflating to get all the fallen leaves and dirt off – I’m telling you there isn’t a surface it hasn’t worked perfectly on yet.


My children are masters at making a mess in the most hard to reach spaces, but this vacuum provides the flexibility to reach under beds, couches, tables, etc.  With a quick press of the button you are able to seamlessly bend the stick of the vacuum thereby allowing you to reach those annoying places.


I’m also a huge fan of the fact that it is cordless which is a reason I used to love my Dyson so much.  I absolutely hate cords so this provides me the freedom from restricting where I can and can’t use the vacuum.  So far I have not been disappointed by the battery length, though I haven’t tried to clean the entire house at one time – which isn’t a big deal because who has the time to clean the whole house at one time when you have two toddlers running around??


GOOD:  This is a floor to ceiling cleaning type vacuum.  You have the normal upright mode, the reach mode for those hard to get to places and the handheld mode to go beyond the floor to places like corners and shelves.  The vacuum is bagless making dumping it out easy and painless and there is even a headlight on the vacuum so you can see the mess you’re cleaning easier.


In addition to the vacuum, you get 1 removable battery (the battery can be charged outside the vacuum on a charger or within the vacuum), a single charger, an 8-inch crevice tool, a pet multi-tool, an anti-allergen dust brush and a precision duster.


Even better, you get all of that for $289 – even less at $230 if you have a Costco membership.  To me this was a HUGE reason as to why I gave the Shark a chance.  My Dyson had died and I was either going to shell out $499 - $699 for a new one or I could save some money or give the Shark a chance.  Like I said above, I’m so happy I gave the Shark a chance!


BAD:  The vacuum is self-standing BUT with the condition that you have to push a button to fold the handle over.  You can’t just be mid-vacuum and walk away thinking that it is going to stand on its own which is what I initially thought it was going to be able to do.  At first I was a little annoyed by this but now it doesn’t faze me at all.


The vacuum is a combination of a bristle brush and soft roller which is what makes it clean so well.  However, there was one time I went over something sticky which then dried causing the roller to no longer roll.  If the roller doesn’t roll the vacuum isn’t working.  It took me a little bit of work to remove the stickiness and get it working again.  Also, there was a time when a bunch of hair looked to be wrapped up in the roller again causing it to no longer roll.  A couple clips with the scissors got this working again in no time, but these were both a little frustrating to initially deal with. 


All cordless vacuums don’t have super long run times that is just something you are going to do deal with if you get a cordless vacuum.  The good thing about this though is that the battery is removable; therefore, if you really needed a longer run-time you could purchase a second battery which would be charged and ready to go when battery one ran out.  Then while battery one is charging you use battery two and then switch back to one when battery two runs out.  The cycle then repeats.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say.  I was so hesitant to buy this vacuum and switch away from my trusted Dyson, but I just really didn’t feel like spending so much money again – especially when I always ran out of battery half way through a clean.  I’m in love with this vacuum and even more so my husband loves and raves about this vacuum.  It has exceeded all my expectations.


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