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June 12, 2018





GREAT:  When we moved into the new house and finally had a play room, I realized very quickly how hard it was to keep it clean and organized looking.  No matter what I did or what I tried the room was complete chaos every second of the day.  That was until I found this.  The amount of storage this gives me is incredible and I’m able to quickly and easily throw all the toys in it to have the room looking clean and neat.  For the most part I try to keep the bins organized by the different type of toys, but when I’m in a bind I just throw them into any bin as fast as possible and the room is cleaned up in no time.  The boys also love this and enjoy putting toys into the bins and taking them back out – over and over again.  They are both able to easily pull the drawers out to get to the toys they want and push them back in.


I love that I am able to customize this to fit my personal style and taste. There are three different colors for the main frame (black, white, pine), five different color bins (white, pink, orange, yellow and green) with four different bin sizes.  This allows you to get the perfect fit for you and your child’s toys.  If you have an older kid you might want more of the large buckets since the older the kid the larger the toys seem to get.  With younger babies you would want smaller bins since their toys are small and would get lost in the large bins.  There are a lot of options to make sure you get the organization that is perfect for you.


GOOD:  I got the urge to make the playroom more functional when my husband was out of town and with my personality when I want something I want it right then.  This means I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home to build it.  The good news is, this was very easy to build and I had no trouble doing it all by myself.  I put it together in less than an hour and once built it is very sturdy.  I was even able to secure it to the wall on my own so that it was safe for the boys to play with on day one.  You don’t need any extra tools to build this though a power drill does make screwing in the beams that the bins slide into much easier.


BAD:  What I didn’t realize when I bought this is that it looks like the perfect jungle gym for a toddler.  I mean it basically is a large set of stairs at the perfect height for a toddler to climb up on.  I had to watch Christian very closely for the first month because the minute I would turn my back he would be right up on top of the very highest section saying ‘ta-da!’  Good news is the novelty of this wore off after a couple weeks and he hasn’t tried to climb it since.  Thankfully, Thomas does whatever Christian does and since Christian doesn’t try to climb it, Thomas hasn’t bothered with it. 


The beams that the bins slide into are held in place by pegs and screws.  The boys sometimes get a little aggressive with the bins when pushing them in and taking them out which causes the pegs to fall out of their sockets.  The good news is because the screws are also holding the beams into place they don’t break but I also have a feeling that they might snap one of these days since they are bendable.  


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say – these storage units are my organizational life saver and I am so thankful I found them.  They are nicely priced at $35.99 for one frame (I have two frames) and the bins are $2-$5 depending on the size.



  • Purchase at IKEA

  • $35.99 for one frame (I have two frames) and then $2 - $5 per bin depending on size

  • Frame size is 39 x 17 3/8 x 37 inches

To purchase CLICK HERE

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