Brica Travel Cart vs. Go-Go Babyz Travel Cart

June 5, 2018






You guys had so many questions when I posted the videos showing my boys riding around on their car seats through the airport.  I was using these two travel carts.  Below are my thoughts on these two carts:




Winner = Go-Go Babyz


This one isn’t even close.  The Go-Go Babyz is only 3.5 lbs making it so easy to carry when not in use.  This also means it isn’t bulky or cumbersome to bring with you, especially with all the other crap you have to carry when traveling with your kids. 


The Brica Travel Cart is 8.2 lbs which isn’t crazy heavy but it is much heavier than the Go-Go Babyz.


Maximum Load Capacity:


Winner = Brica


This is a win for Brica.  The maximum load capacity is 100lbs which includes both the child and the weight of the car seat.  Just to give you an idea of the weight it can hold, the Nuna Rava is 27lbs which means the kid could be 73lbs.  Considering the Nuna Rava only allows a child up to 65 lbs, your kid would have outgrown the car seat before outgrowing this.


The Go-Go Babyz can accommodate a total weight of 84lbs, with the child weighing up to 44lbs.  Since your child can be in some convertible car seats up to 65lbs there is a chance that your child will outgrow this before you are done using it.




Winner = Go-Go Babyz


The Go-Go Babyz is only $59.96 making it the cheaper option of the two.  The Brica is only $20 more at $79.99, but it is $20 more.


Ease of Use:


Winner = Tie


This one is a tie as they are both incredibly easy to use.  I do like that the strap used to buckle the car seat to the cart is longer on the Brica making it slightly easier to get the tight fit faster.  The base that the car seat sits on is larger on the Brica making it seem as though it would provide a more stable base; however, I found them to both be equally secure when the boys are riding on them.


My Pick:


Honestly, this is a hard pick because I truly think both are great options, but if I have to pick one I would pick……..




(affiliate link below)


To purchase Go-Go Babyz CLICK HERE


To purchase Brica Travel Cart CLICK HERE

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