Big Joe Imperial Lounger

June 5, 2018




GREAT:  When I moved the rocking chair out of Christian’s room and into Thomas I went on the search to find something to put in Christian’s room.  I knew I wanted it to be low enough to the floor so that Christian could easily get onto it by himself and big enough so that we could all fit onto it to read books before bedtime.  This chair is absolutely perfect.  Both the boys love that they can get on and off of it easily by themselves.  They play on this all morning running back and forth and jumping on it and each other.  At night, Christian, TJ and I all sit together on it and read books together comfortably.

I love the look of this chair, I love the comfort of this chair, and basically I love everything about this chair.  The chair is filled with a long lasting foam that you are able to fluff over and over again.  Anytime it starts to sink a little bit or starts looking a little sad I just toss it around and it fluffs right back up looking good as new again.


The fabric on this is super soft, smooth and so far has been incredibly durable.  We have had this for over a year and it still looks brand new.  Any spills have been easily removed and I have never felt like I needed to be careful when letting the boys play on this.


GOOD:  This isn’t just a chair for kids, it can be used for a long time in multiple locations.  It will grow with your kids rather than your kids growing out of it.  As they get older it can be moved to the playroom or living room to watch a movie in, etc.  Since it doesn’t look like a kid product it will go with the décor of your house rather than working against it. 


BAD:  This arrives compressed down in a smaller box.  When you let it out of the box it quickly expands and grows to its full size.  Here is the bad, there is no way that you are getting this back into the box if you decide you don’t like it and want to return it.  I honestly have no idea how you would return this but it would most likely require buying a large box and paying a hefty postage fee which no one wants to do.  I don’t think you will be disappointed with this chair as we are all obsessed with it in my household, but if for some reason you are you might be stuck with it.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say.  It has been a huge hit for everyone in our house and I can’t tell you how many compliments and questions I get when people see it.



  • 40 x 42 x 32 inches

  • 34 pounds

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