Just Like Home Kitchen Sink

May 16, 2018



GREAT:  While I might find washing the dishes a chore, both Christian and Thomas think it is the greatest thing in the entire world.  I got tired of them playing at the real sink as it usually ended in complete disaster and figured there had to be something better.  This has solved my problems and makes both of my boys happy.  The best thing about this sink is that it actually works, the facet flows with water just like the real facet.  My boys don’t like ‘fake’ things so anytime I can find a toy that really works it gets a gold star in my book.  Christian enjoys scrubbing the dishes, filling the cups with water and when he can convince me to give him a little soap to clean with I get an extra big smile.


GOOD:  Just in case you don’t want your kid playing in water, there is still a ton of fun to be had with all the pieces that come with this toy.  You get the kitchen sink, 1 dish rack, 3 plastic knives, 4 plastic forks, 4 plastic dishes, 4 plastic glasses, 1 scrub brush, 1 play detergent and 1 faucet.   There have been many times when I haven’t wanted to deal with the water and Christian was happy enough to play with the kitchen sink dry.  He still is able to use his imagination and enjoy the toy.  Thomas is just excited to get to be a part of the action and could care less if there was water in the toy.


BAD:  Not going to lie there are a couple ones to talk about here.


1.  This thing is going to make a mess.You have to fill it pretty high in order for the faucet to work and because of this it is very easy for the water to spill.If your kid is anything like mine, they will also enjoy filling the cups up with water and then dumping them anywhere that makes them laugh.Thomas also has the habit of pulling on the faucet causing it to tip backward and spill water.So we use this outside or on a towel.


2.  We have had pretty great luck with this thing so far, but I have had read countless reviews where the faucet stopped working after only a couple uses.There are no replacement faucets so you would have to buy this all over again to use.So this one is a little up in the air.Ours is still working.I have realized that I need to fill it up above the ‘fill line’ in order for it to really work, but once it gets going it works like a charm.


UGLY:  This one I couldn’t find a ton of information on, but I’ve only found Just Like Home toys at Toys R’ Us and Amazon and usually they are a little marked up on Amazon.  I’m curious now with Toys R’ Us gone whether or not this brand will be sold in other stores or if it will no longer be around.  I’ve tried researching but couldn’t find anything on this.  Good news, Walmart has an almost identical version called Spark Kitchen Sink.



  • Product dimensions 16 x 11 x 5 inches

  • 3.24 ounds

  • Manufacturer recommended age 3 years though both my boys enjoy it

  • 2 AA batteries required

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