May 2, 2018




GREAT:  My sister gave this to Christian after his 1st birthday as a way for Christian to be able to recognize her voice and her kids since they didn’t live in the same state and we only got to see them once or twice a year.  Sure there is FaceTime, but you can’t FaceTime all day long, and this allowed Christian to randomly hear a message from her or one of her kids throughout the day.  That is what I love about this product.  If you have loved ones who don’t live in the same city, let alone time zone, this is a great way to still keep them close, to still let your kid hear and think about them throughout the day or week. 


It doesn’t matter where you or your loved one is in the world, you can send a message to CloudPet instantly.  When the CloudPet receives a message the heart starts to glow and with a quick squeeze to the paw the message will play.  You can play the message over and over as long as you like until a new message is received.  If you squeeze the other paw you are able to record a reply.  The messages are sent to and from the CloudPet through an app and uses Bluetooth technology to send and receive messages.  You are able to control, via the app, who is able to send your CloudPet a message so that you stay in control as to what is being sent to your child’s toy. 


The app allows you to record a 10 second message to send to a CloudPet.  Those who you have invited to send messages to your child’s CloudPet will need to be able to download the app in order to use as messages are recorded through the app.


GOOD:  My favorite part of this toy is definitely the message function, but what you also get is a soft stuffed animal for your child to love on as well.  The bottom of the stuffed animal is hard due to that being where the 3 AA batteries are stored, but the rest of the animal is ready to be loved on.  This is especially awesome if your partner is going to be away from home for a while.  Your child is able to hug and love on the CloudPet and keep it close so they can listen to the message any time they wish. 


The button held within the paw that plays the recorded message is easy to find and easy to use.  Christian was able to quickly catch-on and play the message as many times as he wants to.  The first time this talked and had my sister’s voice his eyes lit up.  When the message became his cousin saying she loved him, Christian would hug the teddy bear back after hearing the message play. 


BAD:  Now that I know how to use the app I find it easy to use; however, I was very confused the first time I tried to send a message and needed to have my sister walk me through it.  I felt like the directions were scarce and didn’t really provide me any insight into what I was doing.  The app isn’t quite as intuitive as I hoped it would be when you don’t know what you are doing.  If I didn’t have my sister to teach me how to use it, this would have been an easy thing to google in order to figure out how to make it work.


UGLY:  For us, we used the message feature a ton in the beginning and then life happened and got the better of us and we stopped using it.  The boys play with it more as a stuffed animal but do still play the current message frequently.  The messaging back and forth between our CloudPet and my sister’s kids CloudPet is what stopped after a couple weeks. 


I do; however, think this would be so perfect and useful for families who have a parent in the military and is overseas or have loved ones who live in an opposite time zone.  You could have the message congratulate the kid for doing something awesome that day, sing the chorus from a favorite song or leave a simple I love you to be replayed as often as the child wishes.  It would be an easy way to still remain a close part of the child’s day to day life even when you can’t physically be there.



  • Manufacturers recommended age 36 months – 15 years but Christian loved it at his 1st birthday

  • 10 x 8 x 12 inches in size

  • 1.28 pounds

  • Must have a compatible IOS or Android smartphone or tablet for the app to work

  • Parental controls allow you to decide who can send a message to your child’s Cloud Pet

  • Purchase at Target, Amazon, Walmart or any other large retailer

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