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April 17, 2018




Since the New Year, I have started trying to make a more conscious effort to be better about what I put in and on my body.  I knew this wouldn’t be an overnight change as I tend to be a creature of habit, but I’m trying to make baby steps so that over the year I’m in a much ‘safer’ and ‘cleaner’ place than where I started.


My house has always been brand bottled water drinkers.  Even when we had a refrigerator with filtered water, and even now in the new house after we installed a water filtration system during the renovation, we stuck to the ways of our plastic water bottles.


A part of me always preferred the taste of my plastic water bottled water better, another part found it so much more convenient and the final part felt the new filtration system water wasn’t cold enough to just drink from.


This all changed recently because my husband introduced me to some articles regarding how bad plastic really is for you, and a new UCLA studied that was released showing that even BPA-free plastic can also be bad for you due to BPS, a common replacement for BPA in plastic also now being linked to health risk.


So I decided to say good-bye to my plastic water bottles and find something different.  Enter these glass water bottles with stainless steel cap and nylon protection sleeve. 


GREAT:  The number one reason I love these bottles is because they are made of glass which is one of, if not the, healthiest materials to store and protect contents from chemicals, BPA exposure or other contamination.  It is also one of the most sustainable products as it is 100% recyclable.  The bottles are designed with recyclable materials which are safe and environmentally friendly.  The caps are constructed with high quality stainless steel and have an O-ring seal that is leak proof.


I was a little worried about the durability of having a glass bottle but once I could touch and feel it I’m not as worried anymore.  The glass is thick and impact resistant though it will still break if hit hard enough.  The bottles come with a nylon sleeve with an integrated strap allowing for easy carrying.  The sleeve also helps protect the glass bottles from breaking if you drop them which is an added bonus.


I was a little worried when I bought these that I would never use them.  I thought it would just be too much work especially compared to the ease of store bought plastic water bottles; however, it has worked perfectly.  I fill the bottles up with our filtered water and then stick in the refrigerator.  When my husband or I need water we just grab a bottle and we are good to go.  Once the water is gone we throw it into the dishwasher and then repeat.  Since you get 6 bottles we always have at least a couple bottles in the refrigerator.  We keep one of the bottles for my boys and continually fill their bottles with this water and then refill and place back in the refrigerator.


My husband was also a little skeptical of the whole system when I told him what I bought and what the new process was going to be, but after one day he was sold.  He is a huge fan of the new bottles and loves them.


GOOD:  While we are using this as our new water system, you are able to use these bottles with both hot and cold liquid.  While the sleeve helps keep my water cold for a couple hours, I can’t quite talk about how long it keeps it hot since I’m not using it that way.  Another thing I love about these glass bottles is that they are dishwasher safe which is a big plus in my book.  They recommend you only using the top shelf but I’ll take what I can get if it means I can use the dishwasher rather than hand cleaning. 


I’m a huge fan when a company has so much confidence in its product that it provides a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  If you don’t like the bottles for any reason you can return for your money back.  There is also a lifetime warranty for extra buying confidence.


The total cost for the 6 bottles is around $22 which equates to approximately $3.67 a bottle.  While this initially seems high for a bottle of water, knowing that I only have to buy these six bottles instead of two cases of my brand bottle water every month is going to save me a ton of money in the long run.*


*I am not factoring in the cost of the filtration system as I’m not 100% sure what that breaks down to for our system and there are a ton of different options when it comes to getting filtered water.  Even if the cost is higher for the filtration system, over the long haul you are still going to save money by cutting out the plastic water bottles.


BAD:  I really don’t have anything bad to say about these bottles as I have been pleasantly surprised with their quality and ease of use.  My one bad related to these bottles for me is getting use to the taste of my filtered water vs. my water bottles that I am so used to.  I don’t know about you guys but I am so particular when it comes to my bottle water.  I don’t like all bottle water, I only really like one specific brand of bottle water.  My new filtration system water is clean but doesn’t taste quite like my brand bottle water.  So I’m working on trying to get used to the new flavor.


UGLY:  I don’t have an ugly.  I think any change you can make to create a healthier lifestyle is a good choice.  Things don’t have to change overnight, but a baby step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction.



  • Comes with 6 – 18 ounce glass water bottles with stainless steel leak proof cap and sleeves

  • Bottles designed with recyclable materials free of BPA

  • Leak proof caps with an O-ring seal

  • Top dishwasher safe

  • Lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee

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