The Nanit Baby Monitor

March 23, 2018








GREAT:  I’m a sucker for all the bells and whistles when it comes to my gadgets and this baby monitor does not disappoint.    What I love most about it is that it has the ability to be continuously upgraded and improved.  When new ideas come to the company, I reap the reward as the upgrades are sent directly to the camera.  The company never seems to be happy with the current version of the product as they are always looking for ways to become better.  Since owning, the app design has changed twice, new features have been added to the camera and I have completed multiple surveys related to what I would like to see from the app.  Best part of all, the company actually listens to those surveys and makes the changes that parents requested making me one happy customer.  I love that I can track and analyze my kids sleep, as this was especially helpful when Thomas was a newborn and we were working on getting him to sleep in his crib.  I’m sent an email weekly that shows my kid’s sleep statistics compared to the average for their age group.  I’m even given sleep tips when something is noticed that would help one of my kids with their sleep.


The look of the camera is sleek, slim and has a modern feel to it.  It blends in with the room rather than standing out.  I have the floor stand version which fits behind the crib and gives a direct overhead view of my boys.  The floor stand is secured to the wall making it impossible for the boys to budge the camera so even though it is behind the crib I don’t have to worry about them bringing down the camera. 


GOOD:  I love the ability to view from anywhere on any device.  This is especially beneficial to me when I am at work or away from the house, I am able to check in on my boys whenever I miss them and watch them sleep.  The app tracks when the boys fall asleep and they wake up which is great tool for me when I come home from work as I can check to see when the boys woke up from their nap so I can gauge how rested they are and when bedtime will be.  The camera has temperature & humidity monitoring, night light, sound machine and lullabies, background only audio, alerts and you can toggle between multiple cameras.  There are notification alerts that you can set and you can control the sensitivity to make sure you are getting the alerts that put you most at ease.


BAD:  You can add more than one camera but the system isn’t built for multiple children.  You can use the motion and sound alert notifications and manually toggle back and forth so you are able to monitor more than one child, but this isn’t exactly the same as having a monitor that is specifically built for multiple children. 


I haven’t found this to be too much of an issue for Christian and Thomas, but I don’t know that I would feel comfortable if I had twins.  With their age difference, I normally keep the background audio on with Thomas and then have sensitive alerts set for Christian so if he were to wake up I would be able to hear it.  The one good thing about the alerts is that it isn’t just a one and down alert.  For as long as your child is making noise, the alerts keep getting sent to your phone so it would be very hard to sleep through them.


Also, there is no two-way talk feature.  I didn’t think this would a big deal, but as Christian has gotten older I really would have liked to have this.


UGLY:  This is a WiFi Monitor so in order for it to work you have to have a strong signal.  If you don’t have a strong signal, your device is going to cut in and out and you are not going to love this monitor.  I have strong WiFi but also have an additional router in Thomas’ room specifically for his baby monitor in order to keep the signal strong enough for the camera to work.


Also, it is expensive at $379 as you are paying for the bells and whistles.  For me, it’s worth it because I enjoy the extras that come with the monitor – they make me happy.  The extras aren’t necessary to monitor your child though, so if you don’t find those extra features and abilities as exciting as I do there are other great monitors on the market that you can use at a lower price.  What I have learned with baby monitors is this:  pay for what you need in order to be able to sleep at night and get good rest.  If the extras make you more comfortable or make you day/night easier, then it is worth it.  If they don’t do anything for you find something else.


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