SniffleEase by Young Living Essential Oils

March 8, 2018




GREAT:  Straight out of the gate I want to say – this worked.  And trust me no one was more shocked by this than me because honestly I am not a great “natural / alternative” medicine type of person.  Christian just happened to come down with who knows what about a week after I received this bottle so it became the perfect time to test it out.  I definitely think it helped him overcome the bug faster and took his symptoms down a notch quicker.  I would really love to test it out when a full-fledged snot monster cold comes on but we haven’t had one since receiving and with the weather change here in Dallas I’m not sure one will come around anytime soon.  It was nice to not have to keep Christian on other drugs to get relief since I saw this working and providing him the necessary relief he needed to allow his body to fight the cold like it was meant to do.  In full transparency, I did keep the ‘real’ medicine on stand-by though as again, I am skeptical of non-traditional medicine. 


The smell of this is amazing – it reminds me of being at a spa.  While Christian has no idea what that would entail, he also really enjoyed the smell.  The first time using this I put it on my wrist and just had him smell it and he kept asking for more.  It is a mix of both being refreshing and rejuvenating.  It has just a hint of lavender to it which I like as I feel like it promotes a sense of calmness which is great when you aren’t feeling good.  What I really love about the smell is that it isn’t overbearing.  Since this is meant to be used on kids (2+), it has already been properly diluted which I could tell by the smell alone.  After taking one whiff of it I could feel my nasal airways opening up – it has that cool hit to it, but in a mild, gentle way.  I could tell that if nothing else the cooling affect from smelling it would provide some relief for Christian. 


When using this with Christian I would place a small amount on his chest before nap and bedtime and then let him take a whiff or two from my wrist throughout the day when needed.  What is great is that a little bit goes a long way making it seem as though the little bottle will last for a good amount of time.  You can add 5-10 drops to a diffuser or rub 1-2 drops on your child’s chest.  Since we went the chest or my wrist route, we only used a couple drops a day just while Christian wasn’t feeling well.  This is going to last us a good amount of future illnesses to come.


Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised that I liked using the oil.  I went into this completely skeptical and assumed that it wouldn’t do anything, so the fact that I am admitting that it provided a benefit to Christian means something to me.  Even more, when I feel myself getting a little stuffed up I place a drop or two on my chest and a little on my wrist to smell throughout the day and I swear it helps.


GOOD:  I did a bunch of reading related to all the ingredients that are in this oil and I was very impressed by all the benefits the oil is suggested to help with.  The general description for it states that it is a gentle respiratory support and pretty much every ingredient in it serves that exact purpose – supporting the respiratory system. 

What also surprised me is I couldn’t find anything or anyone to say something bad about SniffleEase and trust me I tried, hard.  I scoured the internet, questioned moms in my online groups, grilled friends and everyone came back with only positive and loving things to say about SniffleEase. 


This helped immensely with my anxiety about trying something so far out of my comfort zone.  It also made me take a look at myself and what we use in our family big picture.  I am the first to admit that I normally don’t think twice about what is in anything related to me – whether that be my make-up, food, cleaning products, etc.  I will caveat that to say that I am VERY skeptical about ANYTHING that I give my boys whether that be food, lotion, body wash, etc.  After going through this research journey on the oil it has got me to stop and think about what decisions I am making and how to make better, more ‘clean’ decisions on a more personal level.


BAD:  I was always very hesitant to try any type of oil because I know nothing about oils.  I always heard how this or that would be great for me or my kids, but it was always from a complete stranger who I felt was just trying to make a sale.  I would read horror stories (who knows if they were true) of how someone used the oils incorrectly and things went wrong.  The reason why I decided to give this oil a try was because the person ‘selling’ it to me was someone I have known my entire life and the daughter of a doctor.  I know she would never say something to me just to ‘sell’ me something.  That she would give me every single bit of information I would need to feel comfortable before using something on my boys. 


With all that being said, my bad with oils is to be cautious before you buy, don’t just believe everything that someone tells you:  (1) do your own research and (2) make sure you TRUST whoever is selling you something because you need to know what you are doing in order to use it safely and properly.  Also make sure that you test the product out before going all-in and placing it on your child.  While I was skeptical of oils at first, after doing my research and taking things slowly I was able to find something that worked.  Just be smart.  


UGLY:  What I learned from using this, is that the key to using essential oils is consistency.  My friend was very quick to tell me it is not a one time and done type process.  It takes time and consistent usage in order for you to be able to reap the benefits.  When something is new and you have a crazy, hectic life chasing around little kids it is hard to remember that new to-do thing that you just added to your checklist.  My norm when Christian isn’t feeling well isn’t to turn to an oil, so in the beginning it was hard to remember to use it consistently.  Once I saw how it was helping Christian it made it easier to remember but it was something that took a little time.  Oils are not a miracle cure, but they do provide REAL benefit and help when used correctly. 


While I am open now to start exploring more oils to see how they can benefit my life, they will never replace the doctor or a professional medical diagnosis.  They will, however, be a nice alternative when Christian has a cold or bug that doesn’t require a trip to the doctor’s office and I can provide relief to him in a more natural, holistic way.


To learn more about oils, please visit @thymeandtupelo on Instagram or send an email to my trusted friend Kim Keller at

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