Poke – A – Dot Book

March 5, 2018




GREAT:  Once you pop, you just won’t be able to stop!  The first time Christian saw this book was at a class at the Da Vinci School and when I walked in to pick him up he wouldn’t put it down.  In fact, there might have been some tears shed when I told him that we had to leave.  So, of course I immediately ran out to try to find one for our home for him to love on and you know what – both him and brother love it.  What is great about this book is that it provides so many different levels of educational value within the book – visual scanning, fine motor control and learning to count and the alphabet.  First, you have the story itself and just being able to read the book to your child has so many benefits for both you and your child.  Next, you have the raised buttons to pop in on every page.  This is beneficial in so many different ways including fine motor control.  It encourages your child by enticing the sight, touch and sound.  It has helped with Christian in learning how to count.  By popping in the buttons he is able to keep track of his counting and when he loses his place or veers off course it gives him both visual and physical cues to help him get back on track.  We also have a book that has eye-spy elements which helps Christian learn the names of different items as well as working on his visual scanning.  It encourages him to search through a page of various items, colors and pictures to find the right one that letter relates to.  The end of the book also has the alphabet, each with their own button so we have been working on our ABC’s with the help of this book.  Thomas obviously isn’t at the point of his life where he is learning to count, learning his ABC’s, etc, but he still thoroughly enjoys this book purely because of the popping sounds. 


GOOD:  The pages themselves are incredibly sturdy and able to easily stand up to the constant beatings that my boys put them through.  The pages are thick and hard allowing even Thomas to easily turn the pages.  What is even better is that he can’t rip the pages out of the book meaning these are going to be around for the long haul.


BAD:  My boys absolutely LOVE the popping sound of the buttons.  The left side of every page pops louder and better than the right side of the page.  Sometimes Christian gets a little frustrated as he doesn’t think the right side of the page truly ‘popped’ but it isn’t anything that would prevent us from buying and loving these books.


UGLY:  The binding on the books could definitely use some improvement.  Our books are still holding together; however, the binding has definitely become lose.  This is a book that is going to get a ton of use out of it since it has so many features that makes kids obsessed with it so it really needs to have stronger binding.  Prior to purchase I had read a bunch of reviews stating that the binding broke on their book, which now that it is slowly happening to us it is frustrating since they are a little more expensive at $10-$15.  I will say that we love these books enough to work past the binding problems, but it would be even better if this issue didn’t exist.



  • 9.2 x 1.5 x 7.2 inches

  • 2.4 pounds

  • Manufacturer states ages 3 and up; however, both my boys started loving it well under the 3 year age mark

To purchase CLICK HERE

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