Potty Training - Green Potette Plus Port-A-Potty Training Travel Seat With Liners

February 23, 2018





GREAT:  When you have a toddler who is potty training or newly potty trained you can never be too far away from a toilet.  You develop spy like parent skills - the minute you walk into any place you automatically figure out where the toilet is and how far away you are from it so that you can run to it the minute the toddler says those magic words “mommy, I need to go potty.”  We all know that he doesn’t mean I need to go potty sometime in the next 10 minutes, he means he needs to go potty now….like right this second. 


My sister actually sent me this when she knew we were going to start potty training to keep in my car so that no matter where we are a toilet will be close by.  This can be used absolutely anywhere with little fuss.  You just pop it out, throw on the liner and your toddler is good to go.  Once they are done you just pull off the liner, tie off the top and throw it away.  Seriously it couldn’t be any easier.  To me it is like a doggy bag but for tiny humans.  I was a little hesitant at first with how well the liner would actually work, but that first time made me feel at ease that no matter what I will always be prepared.  The super-absorbent liners are lightly scented to absorb odors and can hold up to five ounces of liquid. 


The toilet is surprisingly sturdy.  When I initially got it I wasn’t sure about it and thought it would be super wobbly when set up since it is so small and compact.  I quickly realized I was wrong, this is very sturdy when set up and ready for use.  Christian happily sat down on it and and used it the very first time with no problems. 


This was a life saver when we went to Monster Jam.  We went potty right before it was time to leave.  After our very long walk to the car we were just about to get in when Christian looked at me with that face that said he desperately needed to go potty.  Thankfully I had this in my car or else I would have been trying to convince him to go next to the car on the ground which I don’t know how it would have gone over since it felt like it was 10 degrees outside.  Instead, Christian got to happily go potty in the warmth of the car on a seat like he was used to sitting on. 


We can now go to the park, drive long distances, long walks, the beach, really anywhere our hearts desire without having to worry if there will be a toilet nearby. 


GOOD:  The size of this thing is pretty small and compact allowing you to take it anywhere.  I keep ours in the car, but you could easily fit in a larger diaper bag or under the stroller to take with you anywhere that you go.  The liners are super absorbent and while we don’t use this potty often, the times we have used them they have been completely leak-proof.  They are also very easy to use and equally as easy to dispose of. 


For children 2 years + and up to 50 lbs, this seat can be easily converted to use on top of a standard toilet as a child training seat.  I personally don’t use it this way as we have the built-in seats on our toilet and the super small compact travel seat I keep in my diaper bag.  Even if we didn’t have these products,  I’m still not sure that I would use this on our seats at home or out  because as I state in my ‘bad’ it just doesn’t seem super comfortable (even though Christian always seems fine). 


I love this because I can use this in places where I don’t already have access to a regular toilet and to me that is the main purpose of owning this device. 


BAD:  My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem super comfortable even though Christian has no complaints when using it.  The actual seat is pretty slim so it just doesn’t seem to have a big enough area for you to really get comfortable when sitting on it.  We have only used for quick pees, but haven’t needed to use for a long poop to know if Christian would eventually get uncomfortable on this seat. It would be better if the top had some kind of pad on it, but again since Christian seems happy on it, I can’t complain too much about it.


UGLY:  I really don’t have anything ugly to say about this seat.  It allows me the freedom to go absolutely anywhere without worrying about where Christian will go to the bathroom.  The world is now my oyster.



  • Full size potty that folds flat into a trainer seat

  • Legs lock into place when opened and folds flat for easy storage and travel

  • Comes with 30 disposable liners that hold 5 ounces and 3 extra super absorbent disposable liners

  • 1.5 pounds

  • Purchase on Amazon for $28

  • 10.4 x 9.2 x 3.9 inches

To purchase CLICK HERE

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