Potty Training - Gimars Non-Slip Foldable Travel Potty Training Seat

February 21, 2018






GREAT:  My family likes to go out – we hate feeling like we are trapped at home.  I knew potty training could make you feel this way so I wanted to make sure that I found a product that would allow us to be just as comfortable in public with the potty as we were at home.  This potty training seat was absolutely perfect as it fit easily into my diaper bag so that I could take it anywhere that we went.  When placed on a toilet it turns an adult-size toilet into the perfect size for Christian.  Christian loves calling this his ‘special seat’ and is excited to use it when we are out in public.  I think the reason Christian likes it so much is that it is comfortable, sturdy and secure. 


The size of the seat becomes almost identical to his seat at home, which is comforting as it is familiar.  The non-slip pads on the bottom of the seat help keep the seat secure and sturdy when in use.  I was very impressed that the seat doesn’t wiggle or move around when placed on the seat.  Even when Christian is sitting on it and squirming it stays in place.  I think this is huge because it has allowed Christian to always have positives experiences when out in public.  All it takes is one slip, one fall and you can suck the confidence out of a child and put the fear of the toilet into them.  With this seat I’m not worried about this, which I’m honestly impressed by.  One of the reasons I didn’t want to get a removable seat at the house was because I was worried about how unstable they are.  For a seat out of the house I obviously had to go the removable route but am pleasantly surprised with how sturdy this one is. 


This seat has brought Christian the comfort and confidence that he needed to be able to go potty anywhere and everything.  I even give this to the teachers at MDO for him to use at school.  I was nervous that he would regress in class, since he would be around so many other kids and would have to stop playing in order to ask the teacher to go potty.  In addition, the potty would be unfamiliar and ‘scary.’  By being able to give this to him at MDO he was a pro from day one.  The teachers showed him his ‘special seat’ as he likes to call it and he was good to go. 


I think when you can give a kid consistency it makes learning new skills easier.  By providing Christian the same experience whether with me or with his teachers he stayed in his routine.


GOOD:  When this is folded down it is pretty small and compact allowing you to take this with you anywhere.  It comes with a bag; however, my bag broke pretty quickly since we use it all the time.  Now days I keep it in a large ziplock bag which works just as great.  When the seat is unfolded there is no gap where the seat folds, meaning you don’t have to worry about the seat pinching your toddler’s bottom.  It fits most standard toilet seats and I have yet to meet a toilet that this hasn’t worked on. 


BAD:  If you are a germophobe this might not be for you.  You do have to place it on a public toilet and then touch it in order to take it off the toilet and place it back into its bag.  For me, I’m pretty much the opposite of a germophobe so this is not an issue to me.  I just wash my hands once we are done using it like I normally would after using the restroom. 


I also try to spray it down with some Clorex bleach about once a week to keep it extra clean and wipe it with a baby wipe when I’m out to keep it clean.  I do want to note the bottom of the seat is waffled shape and so there are a bunch of nooks and crannies that make you have to work a little harder to really clean.


UGLY:  I really don’t have anything ugly to say about this product.  For me it has been the perfect life saver for being able to go out in public while potty training and after being fully potty trained.



  • Unfolded size: 13.5 x 11 x 1 inches

  • Folded size: 7 x 6 x 2 inches

  • Purchase on Amazon $14.99

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