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February 22, 2018




:  I’ve said it before but I will say it again – I HATE SHOPPING!  I’m about as anti-stereotypical girl when it comes to shopping.  I do not get enjoyment from it, in fact I dread it and I will do everything in my power to not have to physically go to a mall.  I even try to get most of my groceries delivered if the delivery is free.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted to try the clothing service Mac & Mia for Christian. 


This is not a subscription box which is something that I love about it.  You are not required to get it on a monthly basis and you are not being charged monthly – this box comes to you on your own terms when YOU want it and not when the company wants to send it to you.  You could request a new box every week, once a quarter, every other month, once a year etc – the world is your oyster when it comes to the frequency of getting a box.  When you request a box, you provide your stylist some information regarding what you are looking for or what you are needing pieces for.  Your stylist then goes to work selecting between 6-9 pieces to send you.  When you receive the box you have 5 days to try things on and then you return what you don’t want and keep what you love.  You are provided a pre-paid UPS envelope to place your returns in making it painless and easy. 


One of the things I loved so much about my box was that I was exposed to brand names I have never heard of.  I’ll be the first to admit I am not super fashionable.  I barely know brand names for myself, so I of course know none for my kids, in fact I usually shop at the same 5 stores for them.  This box opened me up to a whole new world of brands and a couple of the pieces I was so obsessed with I immediately searched the brand to see what else they had to offer. 


The pieces were high quality without being overly expensive though the pieces definitely aren’t going to be Target prices – think more Gap.  I will say though, the quality of the pieces I received were deserving of their price.  They felt of high quality, they looked of high quality – these are the pieces that are going to be worn often and by multiple children while still looking good. 


GOOD:  The company makes the shopping experience so incredibly easy and pain free which is exactly what I am looking for in my shopping experience.  You take a short quiz for your stylist to get a feel for your style.  Then you request a box when you are ready, giving your stylist a little bit more information regarding what you are looking for and what you are needing.  You want to be as specific as possible so that your stylist can really find the best pieces for you.  Then you just sit and wait until your box comes in.  The checkout and return process couldn’t be any easier as well.  You simple log in and then select ‘return’ or ‘keep’ on each piece and you are done.  When you select ‘return’ you have the opportunity to provide your stylist more information regarding what you didn’t like about the piece.  This way your stylist really starts to get a feel for your style. 


For me, I am not a huge fan of printed T-shirts unless they have a vintage Star Wars or Superhero theme.  This is specific and something my stylist would have no way of knowing.  So she sent me a printed T-shirt in my first box.  It was super cute, just not our style.  When I checked-out I was able to explain why I didn’t like the shirt.  Going forward she now knows my T-shirt style.  This is a relationship that you are forming and the more you are willing to share your likes and dislikes with your stylist the happier you are going to be with your boxes.


BAD:  The average price per piece of clothing in the box is $35 for apparel and $12 for accessories.  If I’m being completely honest that is more than I usually care to spend on a piece of clothing for my boys since well they are boys.  However, after thinking long and hard about it I realized that I actually I do spend this amount on a couple pieces each season when shopping at certain stores because you do need some high quality items in the closet that are going to be there for the long-haul and not one or two uses.  This definitely wouldn’t be how I purchased all of my boy’s clothes because that would be really expensive, but this is 100% going to be how I get some high-quality pieces every season going forward.  Out of the 7 pieces I received in my box, I kept 4 (2 I received for free and 2 I paid for) and returned 3.  One of the items that I paid for was even a little too big for Christian right now, but I loved the jeans so much I didn’t care because I knew he would grow into them eventually. 


UGLY:  This service is free but with a big $20 ‘*’.  If you like at least one piece of clothing in your box, then the service is free as the $20 styling fee goes towards the cost of the clothing.  However, if for some reason you don’t like anything in the box you are still being charged the $20 styling fee – so you basically paid $20 for nothing.  Hopefully, you never have this issue because you were detailed enough with your stylist that they were able to get a feel for what you like and what you want, but if you didn’t and you got a box of things you don’t like this fee is going to be like an extra punch in the stomach.  So just a heads up that you need to be semi-committed to at least buying one piece from your box or be OK with taking the $20 hit for nothing.  On the plus side if you love everything you get 15% off!


CLICK HERE to get $20 off of any item in your new box.

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