Potty Training - Mayfair Adult Toilet Seat With Built-In Child Potty Training Seat

February 20, 2018





GREAT:  When the time came to start potty training, in my mind one of the most important pieces of the puzzle was the toilet seat.  I wanted to make sure that Christian would feel 100% comfortable when sitting on the seat, that it was easy to use (for both me and him) and if it could look like a piece of the house rather than a baby product that would be an added bonus.  Surprisingly, this seat hit all of those points on my wish list.  I first saw this type of toilet seat at a friend’s house warming party.  They didn’t install it, instead it came with the house.  I was pregnant with Christian at the time, but made a little mental note in my head to remember it for when the time came to potty train.  One of the reasons I love this seat so much is because the potty training seat is attached to the toilet.  I hated the thought of having to take on and off the potty training seat, especially with Thomas running around I knew he would be all over the seat if I couldn’t keep it attached to the toilet at all times.  Since the seat was the same seat that mommy and daddy sat on, Christian felt instantly like he was a big boy.  He wasn’t using something different than mommy and daddy, he was using the same thing that had a special seat for him.  He instantly loved it and it was the perfect size for him.  When he is on the seat, he is comfortable and secure.  He isn’t worried about falling in and can relax when he is on the potty.  I love that the seat can’t fall off the toilet if he is squirming around since again it is attached to the toilet.  The child training seat secures magnetically to the lid when not in use.  When you open the lid from a closed position the child training seat is secured to the lid so the normal, adult size seat is exposed.  This makes it nice so that when friends come over they wouldn’t know that this is a special seat, to them it looks just like any other toilet seat.    


GOOD:  The seat is incredibly easy to install – believe it took my husband less than 5 minutes to have it ready for Christian to use.  The lid and the adult seat are soft close, but the toddler seat is not.  It would have been nice for the toddler seat to also be soft close, since the toddler is the one you have to worry about – but overall the soft close is a nice feature to have on the seat.  The seat is incredibly sturdy which is great because Christian has felt confidant sitting on the seat from day one.  I think had it been wobbly he would have been hesitant and it would have taken him longer to have gained the confidence to sit on it.  The one thing I will note is that there is no front guard for boys.  If you son will only face forward when potty training like mine, just be sure to hold his penis down so the pee goes into the toilet and not you.


BAD:  The child potty training seat is attached on hinges which allow the seat to be removed for cleaning.  Christian quickly decided that he and he alone was allowed to put his toilet seat up and down – mommy was not allowed to help.  The magnet to hold the child seat to the lid is pretty strong, making Christian use quite a bit of force when he tries to pull the child seat down.  He has pulled the child seat off on more than one occasion, meaning mommy had to swoop in to put the seat back on correctly.  I understand why they allow it to be removed, but I wish it was a little harder to take off.


The seat comes in three color options – biscuit, bone and white.  The first time I ordered the wrong color, but the second time I got it right.  Our toilet seats are not white (we have yet to renovate our bathrooms) so it was hard to tell what color I needed from the pictures online.  Depending on your toilet seat color it may be extremely easy to match or a little more difficult.


UGLY:  The cost of the seat is $38 - $50 (depending on color), which is not expensive if you were planning on replacing your toilet seat; however, it definitely is on the higher end if you think of it as only a potty training seat.  For us, this isn’t just a potty training seat, it is the new toilet seat in our household and worth every single penny as Christian potty trained wonderfully with it.



  • Two shapes – elongated or round

  • Three colors – biscuit, bone and white

  • Purchase on Amazon

  • 7.33 lbs

  • 18.8 x 2.2 x 14.1 inches for the elongated seat

  • Fits all manufacturers’ bowls made in the US and Canada

  • Made from durable molded wood with a high-gloss finish resistant of chipping and scratching

To purchase CLICK HERE

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