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February 8, 2018





GREAT:  With two boys eating at the dinner table now days I don’t just love having tableware that sticks to the table I have to have tableware that sticks to the table in order to keep my sanity.  The biggest complaint I have with a lot of silicone based placemats on the market is that they are so bulky making them a pain to stack in the cupboards or wash in the dishwasher.  Since the plate/bowl is attached to the placemat you don’t have a ton of options for organization.  The Click-Mat has solved this issue.  The Click-Mat works with the plates and bowls made by TwistShake, but you can remove the plates when you want to in order to store and wash easier.  This is genius and I kick myself for not thinking of it.  I currently own 4 Click-Mats (2 for each boy), 3 bowls and 3 plates.  This way I can mix and match for each boy depending on what they are eating at the time.  Both need bowls – no problem, one bowl and one plate – I have that covered.  If we have friends over, each kid can have their own setting.  The Click-Mat is so incredibly easy to use and the bowls and plates twist one and off in a breeze.  When they are on, they are on and neither of my boys are able to get them off without help.   A lot of mats come off easily when you pull up from the corners, a trick that Christian has quickly found out.  The Click-Mat is different.  When the mat is empty it comes off easily by peeling up the corners; however, when the mat has a bowl or plate attached it doesn’t come off so quickly.  You can still peel up the corners but actually getting the full mat off is a little harder.  You really have to pull with some force in order to get the middle section of the mat off the table – which is perfect since that is where the mess…I mean food is.  Even though Christian can pull up the corners he can’t actually lift the mat off the table which means the food stays where it is supposed to.


GOOD:  One of my other favorite things about the Click-Mat, plates and bowls made is the longevity of the product.  Toddlers grow up and eventually become kids who don’t need to have their tableware stick to the table and who don’t need the placemat.  When that time comes you just stop using the Click-mat and your kid can still use the exact same bowl and plate that they have always used.  You don’t have to go out and buy all new tableware, you can use the plates and bowls that you have always used.  When you buy these products you are putting money in something that can be used for years and not just a phase in life.  The products are all BPS, BPA and BPF free and dishwasher safe.  The bowls/plates can be put in the microwave but the Click-Mat cannot be used in the microwave.  There are two sizes to the Click-Mat.  I personally get the mini as it works on both the table and the high-chair tray, but if you feel like you need a bigger placemat they have a larger size.  You can get 3 plates for $24, 3 bowls for $24 and 3 mats for $50.  Not only does the Click-Mat provide you more options, better storage and easier washing, but also comes at a lower price.  The Click-Mat mini comes with just the mat and the standard Click-Mat comes with a plate, divided plate or bowl (choice of one).  There are also a bunch of colors to choose from on all TwistShake products.


BAD:  I’ve been trying to think of something bad for the Click-Mat but I just can’t think of anything.  It seriously has been a game changer when it comes to silicone placemat tableware arena.  I guess a negative could be that the mini-mat size might not work with all high-chair tray tables.  It works with our high-chair, but not all high-chairs are the same so please make sure to check the dimensions before ordering.


UGLY:  If it was hard to think of a bad, there is no way that I am going to come up with an ugly.  This product fixed all the ‘issues’ I had with other brands.  I’m a huge fan and ordered more Click-Mats after using the original one for a couple weeks.  Huge fan.



  • Comes in two sizes, the mini ($24.99) and the standard size ($39.99).

  • The mini comes with just the mat and the standard comes with a plate/divided plate/bowl (can choose one).

  • Mini is 31 cm wide and 17 cm high

  • Standard is 38 cm wide and 23.5 cm high

  • Dishwasher safe and suitable for children 6 months and up

  • Do put the Click-Mat in the microwave

  • Made of silicone, BPS, BPA and BPF free

To purchase the mini CLICK HERE


To purchase the standard CLICK HERE

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