Bamboobies Regular & Overnight Washable Nursing Pads

January 23, 2018




GREAT:  First time mom Brittany used the disposable pads.  Second time mom Brittany used Bamboobies.  Be like second time mom Brittany – she was SO much smarter.  In all seriousness though, these things are amazing.  How I didn’t know about them when I had my first kid, I’m not sure – but I’m kicking myself for not learning about them sooner.  The disposable pads were uncomfortable, bulky and I couldn’t wait to take them out and have some relief.  The Bamboobies are soft, comfortable, luxurious and everything you could possibly want in nursing pads.  The layer that goes against your skin is described as ultra-soft by the company, but it is so much more than that.  It is beyond soft – it is incredible.  Made from ramie and cotton, the inside feels like soft velour that your boobs will thank you for.  When you are breastfeeding and you have sore nipples the last thing you want is something touching them, but since you leak like a facet you have to have something touching them – so why not something that will make you happy.  These are also great because they don’t leak since they are made with a milk-proof backing ensuring that you don’t have any embarrassing leaks.  As a mom you have enough to worry about without the fear of becoming a walking meme with a milk soaked shirt.  When you do leak these will not only keep you protected from soaking through a shirt, but will also keep you comfortable so that you don’t feel cold or clammy when wet.


GOOD:  One of the most annoying things to me about disposable pads is that they are so bulky and look funny in your bra no matter what you do.  While still not perfect, these are definitely less visible than disposable pads.  You can see them if you are wearing a skin tight shirt but for the most part they aren’t super visible in your normal clothes.  The regular nursing pads are ultra-thin and heart-shaped making them less visible through your shirt.  They are made for light leaking.  The overnight pads are for heavy leaking and newborn nursing.  They are circular shaped and even though they are much thicker than the regular Bamboobie pads they are still much less bulky than the disposable pads.  I love that you can wash and re-use these.  You don’t have to worry about running out of pads and having to run to the store to get new ones, just throw them in the wash and you are good to go.  I normally would wait until I was down to my last set of pads and then throw the bunch in the washing machine and be good to go for a bit.  For a last bit of goodness these are organic and made in the USA.   


BAD:  When your nipples are chapped, bleeding or hurting you are willing to put just about anything on them to make the pain go away.  Unfortunately, using products that contain lanolin or other products that inhibit absorbency are not recommended for use with these pads.  You can use organic and lanolin free nipple balm without affecting the nipple pads, but sometimes that might not be good enough for you.  What I have learned from breastfeeding is that all the different nipple balms out there affect people differently.  What works for one person won’t work for another – sometimes you have to try a couple different brands before you find the right fix.  For me, I needed the Lanolin in the beginning so I risked hurting the pads but luckily for me it didn’t really do anything to them.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about these.  I will say that there are cheaper versions of washable breast pads out there, but they usually aren’t as soft as these.  I also had a pair of the cheaper version and would use them while these were being washed, but if I had a choice I would wear these every single day when breastfeeding.



  • Pack comes with 3 pairs of regular nursing pads and 1 pair of overnight nursing pads.

  • Inner layer 55% ramie / 45% cotton

  • Outer leak-proof layer 100% polyester with TPU waterproofing

  • Purchase on Amazon, at Buy Buy Baby, or any other large retailer for $16

To purchase CLICK HERE

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