Baby Gate by The Gatekeeper

January 18, 2018





GREAT:  Stairs can be a terrifying thing when you are a parent and you have a baby who desperately wants to crawl up and down them even though they have no idea what they are doing.  Once we moved into our house I immediately started looking for baby gates for both the bottom and top stairs – and I found nothing.  I must have tried 8 different brands of baby gates before I realized a ‘standard’ gate might not be meant for me.  The standard gates didn’t work with our stairs, the ornateness of the stairs combined with our walls made a terrible combination.  So I started my search and stumbled upon The Gatekeeper.  This company solved all my problems.  Not only did they make me two beautiful gates that perfectly fit on my stairs, the gates also have a small ‘cat’ hole that my sweet dog, Roxy can fit through.  This allows her to still be able to go up and down the stairs as she pleases even when the gates are closed.  I was able to provide The Gatekeeper with the paint color of our walls so that they could precisely match the color of our gates.  The finished look of these gates are impeccable – they look as if they were made to go with the house working against the house.  You know how much I hate things that scream BABY, and the majority of baby gates are guilty of just that – not these though.  They almost give the house more character and are a piece of the design.  My homes décor is not compromised and my kids are incredibly safe as I know they can’t get up or down the stairs unless someone is with them.


GOOD:  These gates are study, durable and impossible for kids to open.  While the door looks like it opens by using the knob on the gold latch that is actually just there for decoration.  There is a small button underneath the gold plate that you push in order to unlock and open the door.  I don’t care how smart your toddler / young child is, they are not figuring this out unless you show them.  And even if you show them it takes a little bit of strength to open, so the likelihood of even an older child getting these open by themselves is not high.  It makes me happy to know that as long as the gates have been shut neither my boys, or friends we have over to play, will secretly open the gates and get into danger by being on the stairs alone.


BAD:  The company’s headquarters are in Wisconsin with sales representatives in various locations throughout the United States. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t a sales representative in my area which meant all the measurements needed to be done by my husband or me and neither of us are the handiest people in the world.  Thankfully, a sales representative walked my husband through every step of the measurement process ensuring that we provided them the correct numbers.  Once the gates came we had to hire a handyman to install the gates since again this was not something we were equipped to do.  Had there been a salesperson in our area the whole process would have been much easier, but the company did everything in their power to make it as painless as possible. 


UGLY:  This is definitely going to be more expensive than any one-size-fits-all gate that you buy at your nearest baby store, but when a standard gate doesn’t work, or if you want a gate that goes with your home décor and not against it this is an amazing option!



  • To purchase visit to find a sales representative in your area

  • All gate measurements will vary as these are built custom to your needs

  • Mounted with safe, strong, minimally invasive hardware

  • Available in maple, oak or cherry wood and dozens of Sherwin Williams stain/paint color options

For The Gatekeeper Website CLICK HERE

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