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January 15, 2018




GREAT:  Little secret about me, I am absolutely OBSESSED with tigers – like really obsessed.  The first large purchase I made with my allowance as a kid was a tiger statue and I have an entire bin full of various tiger products from my childhood.  When I saw this I just knew my kids had to have it regardless if they had asked for it or not.  Thankfully, they find it just as awesome as I do.  This thing is soft.  I’m not even sure that soft fully describes how amazingly awesome the feel of the ‘fur’ is.  The first night we had it TJ walked in to find me sitting on the floor just petting it – he looked at me like I was crazy but you will understand the need to pet it once you feel it.  This tiger responds with 100+ sound and motion combinations which truly gives the illusion of it being real.  I find myself entertained when interacting with it and not only because it is a tiger.  You can roar at it and it will roar back, it responds to your touch, sound and the pet chicken that comes with it.  Both Christian and Thomas are highly entertained by the tiger.  While they may not play with him for hours, they have played with him at least once every day since we got him.  Anytime a kid comes over to play at the house, once they meet the tiger they are also immediately hooked – it is hard to not fall in love with this guy.


GOOD:  As I stated this little guy can do so much when it comes to interacting which means there is always a new surprise for Christian when he is playing with the tiger.  The tiger burps and farts – which for a boy are especially hysterical – and even reacts when he hears stuff.  There are times when he will start growling if a door shuts or a loud noise happens.  I was a little nervous that Christian was going to break him the first time he made him ‘fly’ – aka. threw him off the couch – but surprisingly he has held up great so far.  I definitely try to intervene when both the boys are attacking the tiger but for the most part he can hold his own against the two of them.


BAD:  My biggest complaint about the tiger is that it doesn’t walk.  I wish so badly that he could walk, especially for the price and believe that would probably make it the perfect toy.  It is still awesome with the bowing and all the head, mouth and eye movements but it could have been so much cooler had it walked.  My second wish is that it was a little easier to turn on/off.  The switch is by the batteries which is behind the strong velcro that keeps the belly together.  Christian really isn’t able to turn it off or on unless the velcro is already slightly undone since it is so strongly held together and he can’t get into the velcro by himself.


UGLY:  I’m not going to lie, this is an expensive toy at $97.50.  It was a gift for the boys but I would still have purchased it had we not received it as both the boys and myself love this toy.  I also feel like this is a toy that is going to be in the playroom for years, not months.  It will hold its entertainment value for quite some time.



  • 8.5 x 20 x 17.5 inches

  • 4 pounds

  • 4 C batteries require

  • Purchase from Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target or any other large retailer for $97.50


To purchase CLICK HERE

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