The Dairy Fairy Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Bra

January 10, 2018




GREAT:  Talk about making life easier for a pumping and breastfeeding mama.  This thing was a lifesaver for me, especially once I went back to work and was pumping in both the car and the office.  When I was pumping on my drive to and from work, having this bra on made me feel so much more comfortable.  I didn’t have to fumble with putting a hands free bra on in the parking lot while hoping I wasn’t flashing anyone around me, I simply slide the pump into the hidden flange openings and I was good to go with my double handsfree pumping.  This also meant less things to bring with me to the office as my hands free bra was already on me – I didn’t have to also cart it around with me.  The bra is pretty which makes you feel good when wearing unlike other nursing bras in my drawer.  To say I’m not a huge fan of bras would be an understatement, in fact I hate bras – they are the bane of my existence.  For this reason I never wear them – well I don’t wear a conventional bra with straps.  Instead I normally wear one of those sticky bras.  When breastfeeding this isn’t an option, both because the leaking makes the bra not stick anymore and a stick bra doesn’t provide you easy access for breastfeeding.  What surprised me about this bra was that it was actually comfortable to me.  I didn’t mind wearing this bra and the fact that it was perfect for both breastfeeding and pumping made it all the better. 


GOOD:  This isn’t just a bra for pumping it also provides easy access for nursing with one handed nursing clips.  The use and possibilities are endless!   There is a mini underwire for some added support and lift, if you are worried about your girls falling down.  I love that there is 4 inches of hook and eye closure for great adjustability which is amazing especially when you are breastfeeding.  If you are anything like me you alter almost daily in size and this allowed me to always get the perfect fit no matter what.  You can adjust in sizes 1-6 which covers 32A – 40G or petite plus which offers a narrow band with a full bust.  The bra comes in four different colors (cream, black, pink and aqua) so you always have plenty of options to choose from.


BAD:  I have pumped more times in this bra then I can count and never lost any milk.  With that being said the first handful of times that I pumped I felt like the flange openings were a little too loose and was worried that if I pumped too much the flange could slip off and the milk would spill.  Because of this I tended to hold the flanges once the bottles got fuller so as not spill any of my liquid gold.  It took me a little bit to fully trust the bra and I would love for it to have been a little tighter; however, at the end of the day it did its job and I never had the flange slip off or milk be spilled.  Since I’m not a big fan of bras I don’t ever wear an underwire and have heard so many stories about how you shouldn’t wear one when breastfeeding so I was a little hesitant about it.  At the end of the day I didn’t have any issues with it but I would love this bra even more had it not had the underwire feature. 


UGLY:  Since the bra is lace and there are the hidden flange openings for pumping I wouldn’t recommend wearing this with a tight shirt or a shirt with thinner material as it won’t give you that smooth bra finish.  I wore this with sweaters and loose tops just fine, but it definitely makes your breast look a little funny if you wear anything tighter.  This in no way would make me not purchase the bra because it was so handy for pumping



  • Purchase for $54 on and Amazon

  • Four colors to choose from – cream, black, pink and aqua

  • Use for nursing, pumping and pre/post natal support

  • Breast panels with one handed nursing clips for quick access

  • Hidden flange openings for double handsfree pumping

To purchase CLICK HERE

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