Dyson Ball Vacuum For Kids

January 9, 2018





GREAT:  I am all about my boys using their imagination when playing, I mean imaginary play is just the best.  Christian loves to play ‘cleaning time.’  It is one of his most favorite things and who am I to keep him for one of his most favorite things?  Santa saw his love of cleaning and brought him this vacuum and mommy couldn’t be happier because if you are going to pretend do it you might as well throw in some reality to help mommy out.  This things actually has suction to it!  While it isn’t going to do any real damage to your chore list it does pick up dirt and hair on the floor and every little bit of cleaning helps in my household.  The first time I checked the dustbin I was surprisingly impressed with what I found in it; however, ever since then the dustbin hasn’t been holding much.  Christian could care less about how much dirt is being sucked up so the suction power definitely isn’t a deal breaker.  This is truly a replica of the life size Dyson Ball Vacuum down to the twist and turn action.  This is so key because Christian doesn’t love the “fake” version of anything.  When he was obsessed with the remote control I bought him his own and he looked at me like I was crazy.   He wants the real thing, not the toy version.  This is built so closely to the real deal that he doesn’t think it is a toy – he thinks it is mommy’s vacuum.  I love how this vacuum helps increase his imagination by being so life-like he really feels like he is cleaning and helping out around the house – which is all he wants to do.  It really encourages him to play independently and to explore and discover new things.  Christian is able to maneuver this all around the house getting into the tightest of spaces.  The first time the maids came after Christmas, Christian’s eye lit up and he ran as fast as he could and grabbed his vacuum and cleaned with them.  It was the cutest thing ever and he spent the next twenty minutes cleaning right alongside the maids – everyone had a blast.  There are two small stability balls on the back of the Dyson that lock down when in the standing position so that the vacuum can stand upright on its own.  When you are ready to use you can unlock push the balls up so that the vacuum can glide over the floors with the unmatched maneuverability that a Dyson is known for.


GOOD:  Besides the suction feature there is also a simulated cyclone action with colorful balls for Christian to see that the vacuum is working.  The suction feature and the ball cyclone feature are separate from one another, but both make sounds.  Christian has learned the sounds each one makes and can quickly tell if the suction feature isn’t on regardless if the ball cyclone is on or off.  The separate features give him more options to keep him occupied and entertained.  Thomas is also infatuated with the ball cyclone – he wants to get to those balls so badly.  I have read some reviews of people having issues with the vacuum breaking shortly after using; however, we have had no issues and Christian has thrown it around and into things daily.  For me, it has held up to a 2 year old very well.  The love Christian has for this vacuum, even if it were to break tomorrow, would make me buy it again because that is how much joy it brings to him.


BAD:  The on/off switch for the suction is pretty hard to turn on/off, even for me.  There is no way Christian could currently turn it on/off by himself which is a little annoying.  I don’t mind having to turn it on for him, but once he is over playing with it the suction feature just stays on until I turn it off.  My other issue is that the noise it makes annoys me.  It isn’t very loud but for some reason it gets into my head and I can’t wait for Christian to turn it off.  Again, the joy Christian has when playing with this is enough to make me put up and endure all the bads.


UGLY:  I can’t possibly say anything ugly about this toy when Christian loves it so much.  Any toy that encourages Christian to use his imagination while putting such a huge smile on his face every single day is a toy that gets my stamp of approval.



  • Purchase at Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, etc. for $29.99

  • Manufacturer states age 3+; however, Christian has used since he turned 2 with no issues.

  • Takes 4 C batteries

  • 7 x 8 x 25 inches

  • 1.76 pounds

To purchase CLICK HERE

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