TwistShake Cutlery - Toddler & 6 Month

December 27, 2017






Today you get two reviews for the price of one thanks to TwistShake for sponsoring this review.  All opinions are my own.




TODDLER - Do you know what is amazing with this cutlery set? You get a knife! It’s weird to think this would be so unique but it is. The majority of sets out there don’t come with a knife and you know what kids want to chop and cut their food too. Christian always wants to chop his food and since we aren’t going to give him an adult knife he is left to cut with his fork or spoon. When he saw he got his very own knife he was over the moon - it was like Christmas morning all over again. The knife is safe enough for Mom and Dad to be happy but real enough for your toddler to be happy too. The fork is also much sharper than other sets we have allowing Christian to be able to grab everything he eats. The spoon is a good size for him to get big bites and he is able to keep the food on the spoon on the way to his mouth.


6 MONTH + - Is it weird that I’m also super in love with the fact that even the 6 month set comes with a knife, because I am!  And honestly why shouldn’t it?  We want our kids to learn to eat properly at the dinner table and therefore they should be exposed to all the utensils at a young age.  The knife in this set is rounded and smooth with just the slightest jagged edge so your baby can’t do any damage with it.  That also means it can’t really cut much but it is more the thought that counts – I consider it a “play knife.”  I love the idea of exposing a knife to Thomas at such a young age as it won’t seem as taboo when he gets a little older and hopefully he won’t then see it as a ‘no-no’ item that he tries to touch when we aren’t looking.


GOOD: Both sets are BPA, BPS and BPF free.  They both have anti-slip properties allowing for a strong grip every time and each piece has a lip on the handle which prevents it from falling into the food.


TODDLER – The handles are nice and soft to the touch which in conjunction with the anti-slip properties allows Christian to get the perfect grip every time.  The knife, fork and spoon are made of stainless steel. They are dishwasher safe but it is recommended to put in the top section.


6 MONTH + - The handles are short, wide and curved allowing for small tiny hands to get a good grip.  The fork ends are rounded so as to keep baby safe but still sharp enough to be able to grab food with.




TODDLER - The only negative I have is that it appears as though the handle can stain; however you wouldn’t notice unless you put it next to a brand new piece. Christian ate lasagna the first time with it and the sauce got everywhere of course. When I compare the back side of the fork handle to the knife or spoon it varies slightly in color but nothing noticeable if you didn’t have them right next to each other - and upside down. I think this will fade as it is washed more but wanted to let you guys know. It definitely wouldn’t prevent me from purchasing more sets as I really love everything else about them.


6 MONTH + - The only negative I have for this set is that I wish the spoon was a little deeper.  The spoon shape is longer and a little more narrow but very shallow.  I think this is great for a first-time 6 month old eater but not as great for a 10 month old.  It doesn’t deter me away from the set as Thomas is still able to eat just fine off of it, but when he tries to start feeding himself a deeper spoon would probably be easier for him.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about either set. You get the spoon, fork and knife for $9.99 for the Toddler set and $6.99 for the 6 Month + set. Your kid will thank you for giving them their own knife to eat with no matter their age.


To purchase Toddler Set CLICK HERE


To purchase 6 Month + Set CLICK HERE


Use code ENTIRELYBABY to get 30-40% off for the month of December.  Also FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25!

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