TwistShake Bottle & Sippy Cup

December 14, 2017




Today you get two reviews for the price of one.  Thank you TwistShake for sponsoring this review. 




Bottle:   Meet a bottle that has all the extra bells and whistles to make feeding your baby a breeze. For those that formula feed each bottle comes with a container for storing the formula. If you are breastfeeding you can use the container to store snacks or treats. There is also a mixing net which is something I haven’t seen in other bottles. The mixing net is a unique and wonderful addition to the bottle as it actively dissolves clumps to ensure a smooth bottle for baby every time. When at home I use the BabyBreeza to make Thomas’ bottles so I don’t have to worry about clumps, but when we are out and about the mixing net was a nice detail to have. In addition, there is an anti-colic valve which helps reduce baby’s colic.  Thomas immediately took to the bottle without any issues, even though he has been using a different brand bottle everyday for the last 5 months.  That is always the sign of a great bottle - when a baby can take to it on the first try.


Cup:  This isn't just another sippy cup in a sea of sippy cups.  THis is a sippy cup with a fruity twist.  Not only is it a great sippy cup in general for your toddler to use, but it comes with a fruit mixer that allows you to infuse the water with fruity goodness. I love having this option as I don’t currently give Christian juice.  This allows me to spice up his water so it isn’t the same old boring thing day in and day out.


GOOD:   Both bottle and cup are BPA, BPS and BPF free making the product safe for baby and therefore mom & dad happy.  Both are also dishwasher safe.


Bottle:  I love that you are given choices when it comes to the nipple for the bottle, in fact you are given 5 different choices to ensure the best fit for your baby. If your baby is older and you are wanting to wean off the nipple there is even a spout option to help with the transition. The extra wide neck makes cleaning a breeze and the number of parts are limited so you aren’t having to deal with a ton of bottle parts each day.


Cup:  The spill-free spout means you don’t have to worry about your toddler making a mess while running around and having fun. Christian kept shaking the cup upside down the second I gave it to him, almost testing out just how spill proof it was.  It held up great to the toddler test and kept both Christian and the floor clean.  The extra wide neck design makes cleaning a breeze.


BAD: This is definitely a superficial con, but I always aim to stay truthful with you guys. I don’t like the large branding on the outside of the bottle and cup. I think it takes away from the design and would be so much cleaner if it was smaller and less in your face.  There are so many fun colors to choose from for both the bottle and the cup but the huge branding takes away from all of this. 




Bottle:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about these bottles. They are on the more expensive side at $10.99; however, for the high-end bottles this falls on the cheaper side. With everything that comes with your purchase, in addition to the quality and details of the product you can quickly understand the higher price.


Cup:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about the cup.  You get the cup for $9.99 which is a great price for a high-quality product.


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To purchase Bottle CLICK HERE


To purchase Cup CLICK HERE

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