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December 13, 2017






GREAT:  I am one of those clean-freak moms.  Since having kids I try my best to keep myself in check but find the hardest time usually relates to meal times.  I wish I could be that mom that just lets her kid go crazy with the spaghetti and meatballs, but sadly that is not me.  I am the mom with the 10 napkins that wipes my son’s mouth every two bites and is constantly cleaning throughout breakfast/lunch/dinner time.  When Yuri Bib reached out to me to try their bib I was both curious and hesitant.  Curious as I thought this could be the answer to my crazy cleaning and hesitant because I didn’t know if I could get past the intense look of it.  After one use my hesitations about the look subsided as my control-freak cleaning nature had been tamed.  This product does exactly what it says it does – it keeps both baby and highchair protected from the mess.  Thomas was wearing a cream sweater at lunch when I put this on and even after meatloaf, corn, potatoes and strawberry puree he was clean as a whistle.  Even better his high-chair was clean as well.  No finding spare pieces of food, no red stains everywhere just a clean baby and clean high-chair.  This opens up so many food possibilities for me as I can now be that mom that lets her baby play in the spaghetti and meatballs.


GOOD:  Cleaning was easy – just pull off and roll into a ball.  I then let it out over a trash can for the food bits to fall into and threw it in the washing machine.  Leave it out overnight to air dry and you have a fresh and clean bib to use the next day.  When the bib is on, it is on as there is a velcro closure in the back that prevents your kid from being able to take it off.  The fabric is water resistant and it is a one size fits all type product, though they suggest the baby be 6 months or older. 


BAD:  I’m not going to lie to you guys this thing looks intense which means I personally would never use it outside my house.  At home I would definitely use it.  Besides keeping baby and high chair clean it also provides you some entertainment as I find Thomas is hysterically cute in it.  That being said this isn’t going to be your day-to-day bib, this will be your once or twice a week bib when you decide to give the kid the extra messy meal.  For those days this thing will be a life saver!


UGLY:  The price for the bib is $19.95 which is expensive if you think of it as just a bib.   It isn’t just a bib, it is the device that is going to save you what precious little time you have as a parent and give you the ability to do something besides clean – no more cleaning baby/toddler and the highchair after every meal.  Having more time to myself is something I think we all could use a little more of.



  • Purchase at Esty shop YuriBib for $19.95

  • Water resistant fabric

  • For babies 6 months +

  • Machine washable, air dry

To purchase CLICK HERE



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