OXO Tot On-The-Go Training Fork & Spoon Set

December 4, 2017





GREAT:  These are my go-to forks and spoons for those tiny little toddler hands when they start feeding themselves on their own.  They are made with non-slip handles making them easy for little hands to hold, the handle is also soft and has a nice cushioned grip to it which also helps those tiny hands get a good grip.  The handles are curved to help prevent them from slipping into bowls or plates which is great especially when you have a toddler who wants to do everything all by himself regardless of what you are feeding him.  I can’t tell you how many times the Elmo spoon has sunk into the oatmeal bowl and Christian has to be the one to save the spoon meaning oatmeal is now everywhere and on everyone.  These forks and spoons rest nicely on the bowl or plate in between bites so no rescue missions by a toddler are necessary.  The spoon has a pretty deep shape making it easier to scoop up food and keep the food on the spoon while maneuvering it to their mouths.  The fork is a fork tines with no sharp edges making it also a great starter fork as the toddler can’t do any serious damage with it.  There is also a flat spot on the bottom of the weighted handles that help prevent rolling.  They also come with a snazzy little carrying case making them perfect for throwing into my diaper bag when we eat out.  It not only keeps the utensils clean but also my bag clean after they have been used.  The case has also come in handy to pack in Christian’s lunch box for Mother’s Day Out.


GOOD:  These are made of sturdy stainless steel for durability and hold up great to all the drops that will inevitably happen when a toddler is learning how to feed themselves or the 110th game of throw the spoon and fork on the floor as fast as humanly possible.  They are also BPA, phthalate, PVC free and dishwasher safe.


BAD:  While I love that there are no sharp edges on the fork to hurt my son (especially when he first started eating), I sometimes find that the fork isn’t sharp enough to pick up all of the foods that he eats.  When he was first starting to feed himself I was thankful he couldn’t poke his eye out since he would swing the fork all around; however, now that he is almost two and is a more experienced fork user I would prefer it to be a little sharper.   This definitely isn’t a deal breaker for me but I will probably be upgrading Christian to the OXO Tot big kid for soon – which might work out perfectly timing wise with passing this fork down to Thomas J


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say.  You get the fork, spoon and carrying case for $6.99 on Amazon.  I have 4 sets of these and use them daily with Christian and have used them for the last year.  As Thomas starts eating more and more solids I will be using them with him as well.



  • One fork, one spoon and one carrying case for $6.99 on Amazon

  • 4 ounces

  • 2.5 x 1.1 x 5.8 inches

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