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November 20, 2017







GREAT:  When I was a First Time Mom I was absolutely TERRIFIED of clipping Christian’s nails.  I hated doing it and therefore didn’t do it often.  To compensate for this I basically kept his hands covered with built-in mittens on his clothes until he was about 6 months old.  I still remember the look of shock on his face when I stopped covering his hands, he was completely baffled by his fingers as he didn’t really see them for the first couple months of his life.  It was hysterical and sad all at the same time.  Then one day I found the NailFrida and our lives changed.  No longer was I scared to cut his nails which meant Christian got to enjoy the amazement that were his fingers.   What was even better is that he actually enjoyed getting his nails cut, which was such a relief for me.  Second time around with Thomas I was cutting his nails like a pro on day 1 and never covered his hands – not even once.  He got to enjoy his love for his fingers on day one.  Now days both boys are perfect angels when it comes time to clip their nails and I chalk it up all to the SnipperClipper.  There is a ‘safety’ spyhole on the top of the clippers that allow you to see what you are cutting so as to not nick baby’s sensitive skin.  The blade is curved and scissor-like to cut nails smoothly and with minimal effort.  I feel like this makes it nearly impossible to clip your baby’s skin.  The clipper edge is at an angle that allows your child's nails to be clipped but not their fingertip.  The NailFrida is incredibly easy to use and the cut is quiet making it perfect for all ages.  Christian doesn’t even blink when I’m cutting his nails if he is watching one of his shows on the iPad and Thomas just giggles when I cut his.  I seriously can’t say enough amazing things about this product.  It is a must have for all parents – it will make your life so much easier.


GOOD:  With the SnipperClipper you also get a curved S-file that is shaped perfectly for baby’s small and delicate hands to smooth sharp corners that you don’t get with the clipper.  If you don’t feel comfortable with the clippers those first couple weeks you can easily use the S-file to get baby’s nails filed down to the perfect length.  The product also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


In general, I am a HUGE fan of the company, FridaBaby, as they not only make great products but also give back to parents in need.  For each NoseFrida (see previous post on the product) or Windi purchase, FridaBaby gives one to a family in need thanks to their clinic and donation center partners across the county.  While this doesn’t apply to the purchase of your toothbrush, I still wanted to point this out because if you don’t have a NoseFrida you need to see my post about it and buy it immediately – it is one of my top five favorite baby products ever.


BAD:  When doing reviews for any product I always try to see both the good and bad of a product as I feel like it is the only way to truly give a well-rounded review.  Unfortunately, I can’t think of a single ‘bad’ thing about this product.  I love it, my kids love it, their fingers love it and my sanity loves it.  I have tried long and hard to think of some way that this product could be improved but for me there is no improvement to be made.


UGLY:  If I didn’t have a bad on this I for sure don’t have an ugly.  You can purchase it at any major retailer for $12.99 and it is worth every single penny and then some.  Do yourself and your baby a favor and put this on your wish list.



  • Purchase on Amazon, BuyBuyBaby and any other large retailer for $12.99

  • 1.6 ounces

  • 0.5 x 0.8 x 3.2 inches

  • Safety spyhole to see what you are clipping

  • Scissor-like curved blade for a smooth and easy cut

  • S-file to smoothe jagged nails

To purchase click below:


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