Honey Molly Bandana Bib with Teether

November 16, 2017






GREAT:    A teething baby is the worst!  Each baby responds so differently and sometimes those responses are with a boat load of drool and a desire to chew on things even more than they already want to.  There are a ton of bibs out there to help with the drool, but what about a bib that also provides an extra benefit specific to a teething baby.  Enter these.  There is a BPA-free food grade silicone teether at the end of each bib that helps stimulate, soothe and massage your baby’s gum.  Since the teether is attached to the bib you don’t have to worry about baby dropping the teether on the ground when out in public or in your house.  The teether is not too stiff and is the perfect size for little hands to grab.  Thomas is able to easily pick up the teether piece and he happily chews on it and entertains himself with it. 


They are so absorbent and are able to easily keep Thomas outifts dry regardless of the drool or spilled milk.  The bibs are incredibly soft, super absorbent, hypoallergenic and come in adorable prints.  The double layer design provides top level moisture management.  The front layer is made of high quality 100% organic cotton and the back is made of 100% soft absorbent polyester.    


GOOD:  As a mama who lives in Dallas, Texas I especially love knowing that the company is based in Dallas, Texas.  Nothing like supporting my local economy.  The bib as a whole is incredibly soft, but the back polyester layer is heaven.  They also have a nickel-free snap closure as to eliminate any risk of skin allergies.  The bibs are easy to clean as you can throw in the washing machine and wash like normal; however, you should air dry or hang dry.  The prints that the bib comes in are beyond adorable.  There is something for everyone to fall in love with that will make both you and baby happy.    There are two snaps so that these can fit your baby at any age and can grow with your baby.  The company also offers a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence.  If you don’t like the bibs you can return with no questions asked. 


BAD:  I really don’t have anything bad to say about these.  I use these for teething purposes and they work great allowing Thomas to drool and chew to his heart’s content.  The only thing I would change on this is that I wish the teether matched the main color of the bib pattern to blend in more.  When you have a primarily black bib and then a large white teether at the end, it takes away from the cute patterns and draws attention to the teether.  This isn’t a deal breaker and I imagine it would be an expensive undertaking for the company but I thought I would throw it out there to you guys.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say.   You get 4 of these of $18.95 and the quality and material these are made out of are amazing.  Add to that the fashionable prints and teether and you have a wonderful bib.



  • Four bibs for $18.95 on Amazon

  • Made from 100% organic cotton and polyster

  • Do not leave the bib on an infant or child while sleeping or while unsupervised.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back with no questions asked

  • Company based in Dallas, TX

  • Air dry or hang dry product as machine drying may cause color fading as well as shape alteration.

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