Grapple Suction Baby Toy Holder

November 13, 2017





GREAT:  After having Thomas I knew I would need items that would keep him entertained as I was going to be juggling two tiny humans instead of just one.  Since I don’t have 8 arms or eyes on the back of my head, I need to be able to have tools at my disposal in order to keep the baby happy while dealing with the toddler as you quickly find out the toddler comes first (most of the times).  What you realize very quickly once your baby starts playing with toys, they love throwing the toys off the table as much as they love playing with the toy.  They also get super sad and upset once they realize they can no longer play with the toy that they just threw onto the floor since they can no longer reach it.  Enter the Grapple.  With this I am able to safely secure three of Thomas’ favorite toys to the table keeping all of the toys within arm’s reach.  He can throw and drop his toys till he is blue in the face but they will still be within his reach no matter what he does.  You can also turn the top of the apple up to hold snacks, making it a multi-functional toy – teether, toy holder and snack holder – I love it when a toy can be used for more than one thing.  As he gets older I can even attach his fork or spoon to the Grapple so that I’m not constantly picking those up off the floor.  The suction on the Grapple is pretty strong and holds better than a lot of suction toys that I have or have tried in the past; however, as always make sure that you are using this on a flat, completely smooth surface.


I’m also a big fan of the fact that this toy was invented by a husband and wife who got tired of picking up all the toys their 9-month old would drop on the floor and thus they invented Grapple.  I really love being able to support small mom & pop type companies and love it even more when the products they make or sell are awesome.


GOOD:  The exterior and the tethers of the Grapple are made with food grade silicone.  The plastic parts are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.  The materials are all independently safety tested to comply with CPSIA.  The Grapple is super easy to take with you to restaurants or when traveling, I just throw it into my diaper bag and I’m good to go.  The one caveat here will be based on the size of the toys that you are attaching to it.  The Grapple is relatively small but if the toys you attach to it are on the larger side this might not be as easy to fit into your diaper bag.  There is also a hook on the top of the Grapple in order to clip to your diaper bag, stroller, bouncer (NOT car seat), etc.  While it isn’t dishwasher safe it is relatively easy to clean with warm soapy water.


BAD:  There are times that I wished the tethers were a little longer; however, the length is restricted by safety regulations so this isn’t fault of the company.  Depending on the positioning of the tether, Thomas is mostly able to get the toy to his mouth but there are times he isn’t able to get the toy to the exact position he wants to which can cause a little bit of frustration.   The material of the product is also a magnet for everything – dust, particles, hair, etc.  So make sure you give it a quick little wash every couple days to keep it clean for baby.


UGLY:  I was initially a little sticker shocked at the price at $19.99; however, after receiving it I understand where the price comes into play.  The quality of the product, the details and the materials that the toy is made out of justifies the cost.  I also use this toy everyday so it has been worth every penny for me. I started using this at 4 months and 4 months later it is still being used



  • Comes in two colors – green and red

  • Purchase at Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and other large baby retailers for $19.99

  • 6.4 ounces

  • 8 x 3 x 7 inches


To purchase click below:


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