Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror

November 6, 2017








GREAT:  While driving, I have to be able to see my boys.  If I can’t see their faces I get anxiety constantly worrying that something has happened without me knowing.  Once I had Christian I immediately set out on the search for the perfect car mirror.  The first couple ones that I tried never lived up to my expectations as they would slide around, fall out of position or even rattle around.  Once I found this bad boy my anxiety was calmed and my mind was put at ease as this is the perfect car mirror.  The best thing about it is that it stays in place.  The mirror has a super secure strap system that is constructed from durable black polymer material which allows you to securely mount it to your vehicle’s headrest.  You are able to pull the straps tight enough so that the mirror doesn’t budge.  In addition, there is a patented lock dial mechanism to increase the stability and security of the mirror.  Once I put my mirrors in place on the headrest they stay exactly where I put them.  I never have to worry about them or constantly mess with them every time I get in the car.  The mirror is also specially designed with a crystal clear convex shaped mirror surface allowing you to see your baby from head to toe.  The attached ball joint rotates 360 degrees allowing you to choose the angle that best suits you.  The other great thing is that they are safe.  Safety is a top priority for the company and the mirrors feature a lightweight shatter-proof safety surface.  The company test their mirrors at an official European testing facility at speeds up to 45MPH which are stricter than the test required by the US for baby car seats.  This mirror has everything you need in order to obtain the best view of your baby while keeping your baby safe.


GOOD:   There is no assembly needed with this car mirror.  You can have it in your car and ready to go within 30 seconds.  Just remove from the box, strap it to the headrest, adjust the viewing angle and you are good to see your baby’s happy face while driving.


There is a lifetime full factory warranty with this product meaning if you have ANY problems for the life of the product, simply let the company know and they will refund your purchase AND send you a brand new unit free of charge, no questions asked.  If that wasn’t enough of a reason to love the company, Cozy Greens donates a portion of the mirror’s proceeds to ChildsLife Chances for Children Charity.  When a company not only creates an amazing product, but also gives back to those in need, they become a company that I can stand behind.


BAD:  Unfortunately, the mirror requires an adjustable headrest to be mounted on; therefore, this will not work for everyone.  While it might work on some models with fixed headrest, it is very difficult to mount most of the time, if not impossible; therefore, I would only suggest buying this is you have an adjustable headrest.


UGLY: The only ugly would be if you don’t have an adjustable headrest since you can’t use the product.  This is by far the BEST back seat mirror that I have yet to see on the market.



  • Outside dimensions are 9.5 x 7 inches

  • Mirror dimensions are 8.5 x 6 inches

  • Purchase for $25 on Amazon

To purchase click below:


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