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GREAT:  You know when you see a new product and you kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself because it is genius yet so simple?  Well get ready to do some kicking because ZippyJamz had me doing just that.  These PJ’s have upgraded the standard zippered PJ’s by adding a separate zipper on the inseam of the legs to make diaper changes so much easier while keeping your baby so much more comfortable.  With this new zipper you no longer have to expose your baby’s entire body in order to change his/her diaper, their body gets to stay covered while only exposing their legs.  We like to keep our house pretty cold and I always hated having to uncover my kids when changing their diapers but when my only option to prevent this was snaps I felt like it was a lose/lose situation.    Let’s be honest, while we all own snap-up PJs they are the devil – there is nothing worse than getting baby all buttoned up to realize you are off on the buttons.  Thomas never comes back properly snapped up when my mom does a diaper change and you can’t blame her – those things take practice.  With these PJs you no longer have to compromise and suffer.  Now you get the best of both worlds – the ease of a zipper with the warmth of a snap PJ by not have to take the whole thing off for diaper changes. 


These would be absolutely amazing with a newborn!  I can’t tell you how many times I would go to change my sleepy baby’s diaper only for him to be completely awake by the time the diaper change was done due to cool air and undressing that occurred.  There were also those times he was kept warm but woken up by the loud snaps or the multiple attempts to snap everything up properly.  Let’s not forget the times I had to cave and turn on a light to get everything put back together correctly.  To be able to keep baby nice and cozy while quickly changing the diaper would be considered a win in my book.


GOOD: The PJs are made with 100% GOTS organic cotton and are extremely soft to the touch.  These seem like they would be so comfortable to wear and make me want a pair of my own.  I also love that the bottom of the feet have the non-slip grip material, which is perfect for both Thomas and Christian.  At Christian’s age, all of his PJs come with this, but not every PJ at Thomas’ age come with this feature.  Considering he tries to stand every chance that he gets he has to have the non-slip grip or else he slides all over the place increasing his chances of bumping his head (which are already high enough considering he thinks he can stand and will just let go and fall).


BAD:  Since this is a new company there aren’t a ton of prints to choose from (6 in total) and given how awesome this concept is I would definitely love a bigger selection.    To me, the current prints lean more towards the girly side but there are a couple options the boys can easily rock.  As the company becomes more popular I’m sure more prints will be released, so this isn’t a permanent ‘bad’ just for the time being I would love more options and some more ‘boy’ styles.

UGLY:  The price is on the higher end for your baby’s PJs at $29.99; however, it is on the low-end for the high quality, top tier brands such as Kickee Pants, Kissy Kissy and Magnificent Baby.  These might not be your everyday PJ’s but they should definitely be in your newborn rotation, as well as, your night rotation for you baby at any age.


  • True to size; however, you might have to wash it a couple times to get it down to the correct size.Made with cotton fibers so some shrinkage is normal

  • Size newborn to 24 months

  • Can purchase on Amazon for $29.99

To purchase click below:



*I was sent these PJ’s for free; however, all opinions are my own.

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