Summer Infant Pop N' Jump Portable Activity Center

October 30, 2017






GREAT:  If you have a toddler and a baby that can sit up then this product is going to be your new best friend.  Christian absolutely LOVES playing outdoors and once Thomas decided he was no longer happy just lying there in his dome I knew I had to find something new to keep him as happy as his big brother is outside.  Enter this.  This is the perfect place to entertain Thomas while keeping him safe so that I can chase after Christian.  Thomas just laughs and laughs and laughs when playing inside this.  He absolutely loves being able to jump and this activity center gives him that freedom.  While it doesn’t allow him to go as high as his bungee jumper, it does allow him to get enough air to be happy and content.  This is perfect to be used outside since it has the floormat (that can be detached) to protect your baby’s feet and a detachable sunshade to protect baby from harmful UV rays.  The sunshade can be attached in either direction which allows you to always get the perfect angle to block the sun and even shield baby’s eyes from the sun.  You can adjust the seat to three different heights so that it grows with your baby until baby no longer needs to be contained.  Since I use this in multiple locations in our house the fact that it has a lightweight design and compact fold makes it perfect for taking from room to room.  It is also the perfect travel companion giving your baby a safe place to play no matter where you go.  If your kids are further apart in age, with the older one having soccer/baseball/activities on the weekend, this would be the absolute perfect gadget to take with you to entertain the youngest while cheering on your oldest. 


GOOD:  In case jumping isn’t enough to keep your baby entertained like it is for mine, there are also a handful of toys attached to the top to keep your baby happy.  You have a spinner ball, rattle, teether and mirror book for baby to play with.  In addition, there are hooks at the front that you can attach baby’s favorite toys to for additional entertainment.  The jumping support seat is removeable and machine washable with the rest of the activity center being easily wiped down to clean.  This comes fully assembled right out of the box for quick and easy set up.    


BAD:  There is a travel bag that it comes with this which is great; however, I don’t always have the travel bag handy when I am wanting to move this around the house as it goes indoors, outdoors and anywhere I need a safe place to put Thomas while chasing after Christian.  What would make this better is if it had a Velcro strap to help keep it closed when it is not in the bag or even a little latch like a stroller has in order to keep it locked shut.  The shade is also a little difficult to fold up and there aren’t great instructions in order to figure it out; however, since it lays flat and is super thin I haven’t found this to be a huge issue.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say – with having two under two this product has been a life saver and everything that I was hoping it could be.



  • Can be purchased on Amazon for $49

  • 26 x 26 x 38 inches

  • 10.9 lbs

To purchase click below:


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