Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Bat and Wobble Penguin

October 27, 2017






GREAT:  This has been such a great toy that both of my boys loved playing with once they started sitting.  The penguin has a sturdy weighted base that allows it to bounce and wobble back and forth while not tipping over.  What is great about the base on this toy is that it allows a wide range of movement and can be tipped over in all different directions – all while still coming back to its original starting position.  This is great as it encourages baby to play again and again since the toy always comes back to them.  My boys loved swatting and batting at the penguin and would laugh and laugh as the penguin came back each and every time.  The colorful balls in the penguin’s tummy are an added bonus as they entrance the baby almost teasingly as my boys have tried more than once to figure a way to get the balls out of the penguin’s tummy with no success.  The inside of the penguin’s tummy is a smooth surface allowing the balls to move freely and roll around.   You have the option to turn on music or bask in the silence of the toy.   If you decide to go with sound there are two fun tunes or four silly sound effects to keep your baby engaged.


GOOD:  This toy is super easy to set-up, very easy to use and easy to clean.  The toy comes in one piece and all you have to do is blow it up and put in 3 C batteries.  Blowing up the toy is easy and can be done quickly on your own without the use of an additional pump or piece of equipment.  This penguin is super durable as well.  It was well-loved and beat-up daily by big brother Christian; however, it is still alive and well today for little brother Thomas to play with him.  Christian will steal penguin from brother and have him ‘jump’ off the couch over and over and over again and yet the penguin is still surviving.   


BAD:  I personally do not have anything bad to say about this product; however, I saw some negative reviews posted because the child was scared of the penguin.  Both of my boys immediately loved the penguin and didn’t have any sort of fear towards it.


UGLY:  There are cheaper ‘bop bag’ type toys on the market, but they usually don’t have the cute exterior, balls in the belly and sound to go with it.  For me the extras on this toy are what make it so great.



  • Inflates to 16”

  • Requires 3 C batteries

  • 1.6lbs, 3.5x11x11.5 inches

  • Appropriate for ages 6 months – 10 years

  • Can be purchased at Amazon, Target, Walmart and other large stores for $25-$30

To purchase click below:


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