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October 24, 2017






GREAT:  Living in Texas, it is amazing to have a pool to help beat the hot Texas heat; however, as amazing as it is when you have kids it can quickly become a nightmare.  The minute we purchased our house I instantly started researching the various options to make our pool a safe environment for our children.    I was debating back and forth between a fence and a pool net but ultimately landed on the pool net for a couple reasons:


1.  From all the research I have done I have not been able to find any instance of a child drowning when a pool safety net was in place, this same statistic can’t be said with pool fences.  This was the number one reason we went with a pool net over a fence.  In my opinion, it is the best way to keep your child safe so long as you use it properly – and that is why this is not the best option for everyone.  As stated in the ‘bad’ it does take additional time to take off and put on and if you aren’t willing to spend the time this is not the product for you because if you don't use it then you aren't protecting anyone.


2.  Our pool is in the middle of our backyard and having a fence would ruin the aesthetics of the yard.  By using the pool safety net we don’t obstruct the views of our backyard.  We have huge windows in our kitchen that overlook the backyard and it was important for us to maintain the views, if possible.  Obviously safety is the number one priority.


3.  The safety net can hold up to 485 pounds and the safety net material is a polyethylene weave featuring 3 ½ “ squares thereby protecting even the smallest child’s head from passing through while at the same time discouraging children from playing on the net itself.  I love knowing that even if I fell on the net or my husband did we would still be fully protected from the water.  If Christian or Thomas desired they could crawl out onto it and be protected from the water but the square design doesn’t make that a comfortable option and Christian has never tried to walk or climb on it.


GOOD:  I love that I don’t have to second guess whether or not the pool net is on, you can clearly see whether or not you have it on.  No wondering if I fully shut and locked the door, constantly second guessing myself – I can just peak out the window to provide myself reassurance that the pool is protected and safe for the kids to be around.  The company we went through (Pool Leaf and Safety Covers) was amazing.  Each pool safety net is custom fitted to your specific pool and the installation is done by their fully trained technicians.  You don’t have to worry that the work is being sub-contracted out to a third party who isn’t as knowledgeable on the system.  The net meets (and even beats), the highest safety standards giving you extra piece of mind. 


During the winter time we put a leaf cover on top of the safety net to keep the pool clean from all of the leaves that are falling from our trees all winter – which is awesome.  It almost makes it look like a huge trampoline.  Surprisingly, Christian didn’t try to walk on it last year when the leaf cover was on but we shall see what he thinks of it this year now that he is older and much more adventurous.


BAD:  I’m not going to lie to you guys, this does take an additional amount of time in order to put on and take off.   It would be a lot faster to simply open or shut a door; however, it doesn’t take so much longer that it prevents us from using.  After the third weekend we had this down to a science.  I’m able to take off by myself in 8 minutes (with TJ only 5 minutes) and I can put back on by myself in about 10 minutes (with TJ less than 7 minutes).  Given the additional safety that the pool net provides I don’t mind the extra work but realize this is not for everyone.  If you feel like you would not use it because of the work it takes to put on and take off, please go a different route.  You have to use this in order for your pool to be safe.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this product.  It has been amazing and has provided us with peace knowing that our boys are protected when playing in our backyard.  Pool safety is incredibly important to me so in addition to the pool safety net we also believe in ISR swim classes – which teaches the kid to be able to swim to the surface and float on their back until someone rescues them.  You can find information about ISR on an older post on my page.


The company we used is called Pool Leaf and Safety Covers.


To get a quote CLICK HERE

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