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October 23, 2017







GREAT:  When we reached the stage where Thomas was no longer content just sitting there watching big brother run around, but wasn’t yet mobile enough to get around the house by himself, we went searching for a walker.  I wanted a place where Thomas could interact with Christian while still being guarded.  As much as I love ExerSaucer, Jumpers and other non-mobile contraptions, having the boys so close in age, Thomas wanted to be with Christian, not just staring at him while Christian ran free.    Enter the Joovy Spoon.  Christian and Thomas have had so much fun playing with each other in this, with Christian pushing Thomas around the house while Thomas just laughs and laughs.  The clean, oversized tray is what drew me to this walker.  I love that there weren’t any toys already attached to it, rather the tray provided a large blank canvas to customize it to what Thomas loves best.  I’m able to put his favorite toys on it to entertain him and if he finds a new favorite toy I can easily switch them out.   I also love that this is able to grow with your child, as it adjust to 3 different heights allowing for ultimate comfort as your baby grows.  You are able to find the perfect height for your baby and not worry that he/she will grow out of it in a month.  The base on this thing is extra wide providing added strength and stability, but with a little effort Christian is still able to get Thomas through the door frames in our house.


GOOD:  This is easy to clean, easy to store and looks modern and sleek.  The large tray has a removable insert that is dishwasher safe with the rest of the tray being easily cleaned with a wet wipe.  The seat pad is supportive, comfortable and durable while still being machine washable.  The Spoon folds flat which makes storing this a breeze and also makes it convenient enough to take with you when you travel by car.  As you all know by now I love a baby product that doesn’t scream BABY and that is exactly how this product was designed.  It is sleek and modern allowing it to easily blend in with the aesthetics of any room in your house.  As with all great products this is also entirely BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free and JPMA certified. 


BAD:  The AAP recommends against the use of walkers due to safety reasons.  I did my own personal research to make the best decision for my family which allowed use of the walker.  Through my research I decided that for me and my family the risks detailed by the AAP were not that relevant – we only use this downstairs so no fear of falling down stairs, we only use this inside so no fear of falling into the pool, he is under adult supervision at all times when using so no fear of this ‘babysitting’ him and him getting into a cabinet or drawer he shouldn’t and finally he is only allowed in it for 10-15 minutes at a time so I don’t have a concern it will delay his motor skills. 


This might not be a decision that another mom or dad would make, but for me it is the decision that was made for my family.  You need to be informed of all the dangers and risk associated with putting a baby in a device with wheels, such as a walker, and then make a decision that you are comfortable with.


UGLY:  Compared to other walkers on the market this is definitely on the higher end at $90; however, it is justified due to its superior quality and design.  To me, a lot of other walkers have a cheap feel to them and are covered in loud colors, toys and noise.  The simplicity of this walker, combined with the high-quality material and functionality makes this worth the higher price.



  • Three height positions

  • Oversized wheels and non-slip stair pads

  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free

  • 12.3 pounds

  • 27.8 x 25.5 x 18 inches

  • Can be purchased from Amazon and any large baby or retail store for $90 - $100 depending on color

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