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October 20, 2017







GREAT:  I have my favorite babysitters that are my go-to when my husband and I want a date night out.  I have used them on multiple occasions and trust them fully with my children.  A couple months ago, we had the need for a last minute babysitter and all my normal sitters were booked.  I was slightly panicked as I wasn’t sure how to find another sitter, especially in such a short amount of time.  I remembered reading about a babysitter app in one of my trusted mom groups and decided to see what it was all about.  The best way for me to describe Bambino is it is the Uber for babysitting, except you get to pick your ‘driver.’  Through this app you are able to find a listing of neighborhood sitters who are recommended by your friends and neighbors.  Once I select the time and date I am able to scroll through a listing of sitters in my area.  I can see their profiles, recommendations, verification, age, rate and what they feel comfortable with (pets, infants, CPR certified, etc.).  I select the sitters that I want to send the babysitting request to and then I wait for the responses.  I have found most respond within 1-3 hours.  Once I have my list of sitters who state they are available for the job I then pick which sitter ultimately watches my kids.  Any sitter that is 18 years and older has the option to submit to a third-party background check (paid for by Bambino) to verify their identity and checks them against national and county criminal records.  Those sitters who have allowed this check have an icon on their profile signifying that they have been cleared.  While I love recommendations from other parents knowing that a background check was performed as well gives me extra comfort with someone new being in my house.  Being that we are in the age of technology I love that I can book and pay the sitter straight through the app – no more frantically trying to get to the ATM to have enough cash to pay your sitter.  The app makes the whole babysitter experience so much easier and less stressful. 


GOOD:  Did I mention that the use of this app is free?  You still have to pay for your babysitter’s time, but there are no extra or hidden charges.  When you are selecting your sitter the rate each sitter charges is clearly stated and you can even estimate the total cost of your babysitter based on the hours you said you would need her/him and their rate.  Like I said this is basically Uber but for babysitting.


And for parents who have children who love to babysit this is a perfect app for them to become apart of as well.  Nothing like getting some extra exposure to parents in and around your home in order to get more babysitting gigs.  I always love seeing junior high and high school kids on my list of potential babysitters and while I don’t trust them quite yet as my boys are still young, I definitely wouldn’t mind having a younger babysitter when my boys are a little older.


BAD:  Bambino isn’t available everywhere yet, so I apologize to any parent reading this who got excited only to find out that it hasn’t come to their city yet.  Good news is they are rapidly expanding and if you don’t see your town on their list of covered areas you can always apply to be a Community Manager in order to get the app in your neighborhood.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this app – I have had great success with it when I have used it.  As a parent make sure that you do your own diligence on any babysitter that you ask to come inside your home and watch your children.


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To download the app for iPhone CLICK HERE


To download the app for Android phone CLICK HERE

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