Step2 Easy Steer Sportster

October 19, 2017





GREAT:  To say that Christian is obsessed with this doesn’t quite do his love for it justice – he is beyond obsessed with it.  Every day he ask if he can go for a walk with his car and if he is ever having a bad day the minute I mention taking a walk with the car he immediately perks right up.  What I love about the car is that it is super easy to push and steer, making those walks fun for not only Christian but me as well.  I can even steer it with one hand so that when Thomas wants to come along for the ride I can have him strapped to me and use one hand to deal with him (when needed) and the other to push the car.  There is a convenient cup holder for me that is perfect for holding a water bottle and one next to the steering wheel for Christian that is deep enough so that his water doesn’t fall out even when we go over the bumpiest of terrains.  The horn on the car provides a loud enough beep for Christian to find it entertaining but quiet enough to not drive me or the neighbors crazy.  There is another slot on the other side of the steering wheel where Christian keeps his finds from the walk be it a rock, stick or the occasional dragonfly.  I feel comfortable with him being in this as there is a seat belt to keep him nice and secure.  Even when he desperately wants to hug another pumpkin and is trying to escape the seat belt is sturdy enough to keep him in place until I say it is OK to get out.  There is a storage unit under the hood of the car which is great to keep my wallet/keys and even some toys for when we walk to the park.  If Christian could write this review he would stop at the Great because to him this car couldn’t be more perfect!


GOOD:  Did I mention how great of a ride it is for me?  The car has a feature called ‘Whisper Wheels’ which provides for a smooth quiet ride and I can confidently state that they work great.  It is easy for me to push, even over uneven terrain, and doesn’t make any loud noises.  The caster wheel engages for easy swivel, allowing for 360 degree turning.  It can be retracted for riding on rougher terrain, but I have yet to have to retract it and have had no issues going over bumpy roads.  If you needed to take with you in the car it is relatively easy to transport as it has an easy-fold handle that collapses down making it easier to get in the back of your car to travel.  This is also helpful for when it is time to store it, but given Christian’s current love for it he might be riding in this until he gets a real car at 16.


BAD:  Christian was given this as a gift for his 1st birthday by his grandma so I can’t personally speak to this; however, she has told me on several occasions that it was a a pain in the butt to put together – and she had my brother-in-law helping her put it together.  The company states that it took their testers about 30 minutes to assemble and the most difficult part of the process is attaching the front and rear wheel axles, which requires significant effort to hammer into the car’s under-body.  Knowing that it will take a little bit of work going in usually makes the process less frustrating, but just make sure that you have someone who is good at building things to help you out with it.


UGLY:  There is no possible way I could think of something ugly to say about this.  It was the best gift ever and the love Christian has for this can’t be beat.  My only worry is when Thomas is old enough and wants to ride in it as well there might be some brother fights that will occur since it only seats one.



  1. The manufacturer states that this is for ages 18 months – 4 years; however, my son started using it around 15 months and never had any issues for it.I think it is important that your child has good control of their body and can safely fit in the seat.

  2. 19.5 x 47 x 36.8 inches

  3. 18 pounds

  4. Can be purchased from Amazon, Target, Walmart and other large retailers for $60

To purchase click below:



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