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October 10, 2017




GREAT:  Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work out – and whether that is by choice or by circumstances that is perfectly ok and you are a great mama!  For me, our breastfeeding journey ended at 8 months for Christian and 6 months for Thomas.  Once we made the transition to formula I started looking into the Baby Brezza.  I went back and forth on whether or not I needed this and I’m SOOOOO happy that I decided to purchase it.  This thing is the BEST!  It makes the perfect bottles every single time with the push of a button.  Think Nespresso but for baby formula and without the pods.   My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I came home with it but by the weekend he was bragging to all of his friends about the amazing baby gadget I bought.


What I love about the most about this product is that it makes the perfect bottle every.single.time.  Using a patent-pending technology the bottle comes out at 98 degrees and a smooth consistency.  Within seconds I have a bottle with no air bubbles ready for my baby boy to enjoy.  As a baby doesn’t drink the same amount of formula at each feeding you have the option to make 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz bottles.  The water and formula powder are stored in airtight compartments right in the machine so it is always ready for you when your baby gets hungry.  The machine works with all bottle sizes as you can adjust the stand that the bottle sits on and it works with most (but not all) formula brands and types. 


This is obviously not a necessity when formula feeding but it is a nice luxury to have, especially when you have a toddler to run after giving you only 10 seconds to make baby brother’s bottle.


GOOD:  This product is so easy and quick to use.  All you have to do is select the amount of ounces and you are good to go with the perfect bottle in less than 10 seconds.  There are also warnings in place if you are low on water, the funnel isn’t placed back properly or the lid to the formula is open.  This is great because some days your brain just doesn’t work quite right, so it is nice to know the system will not work unless all components are connected properly.


My most important advice in order for you to love this product is: Read the instructions, read the instructions, read the instructions and read the instructions!  It is pretty easy to put together and have working perfectly the first time – but you need to make sure you read ALL the instructions.   I was able to have this thing up and running and making perfect bottles within 5 minutes.  I can’t stress enough though how important it is to read the instructions because if you don’t select the correct number based on the formula you are using, or the flap isn’t installed correctly it will not make the correct mix of water and formula.


BAD:  You need to clean this each night in order to ensure that it properly dispenses the correct amount of formula each time.  The cleaning doesn’t take very long at all – just a couple minutes before bed each night.  Remove the funnel cleaning out any excess formula at the top of the funnel and also where the funnel connects to the device and the formula is dispensed.  By doing this every night I have never had an issue with any bottle I have ever made.  In addition, I inspect the water tank about once a week to make sure the lid and tank are clean – which I haven’t ever found any problems with either piece.


UGLY:  This isn’t a necessity when formula feeding, this is a luxury item and therefore the price at $179.99 might deter you from buying.  For me, having this makes my life easier and therefore the convenience it provides justifies the cost to me.



  • Purchase at BuyBuyBaby, Amazon or any other major store for $179.99.

  • 50oz water capacity

  • Hand wash

  • Made of plastic

  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

To purchase click below:


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