Diaper Rash: My Go-To Products

October 9, 2017






Diaper rash is the devil.  Here are my go-to products when it comes to diaper rash.  What is your go-to remedy?


Aquaphor:  I have always said that Aquaphor is the duck-tape of the baby world, it pretty much fixes everything.  I use it on anything and everything – cuts, dry skin, bites, lips, etc.  When I see the slightest sign of a diaper rash – that little bit of red color on one of my boys’ bottoms - I immediately put this on.  Nine times out of ten the Aquaphor takes care of the issue and we don’t have to use anything else.  I consider Aquaphor my preventative treatment, I use it at the first sign of diaper rash in hopes that we squash it before it has a chance to rear its ugly head.


Maximum Strength Boudreaux’s Butt Paste:  I’m a huge fan of this brand.  Prior to them releasing the maximum strength version I would use the regular version.  I feel like it has enough fight in it to cure the majority of diaper rashes while still being gentle enough on baby’s skin.  I love that it doesn’t have a harsh chemical smell to it, is less irritating and has more natural ingredients than other butt paste on the market and 40% zinc oxide which is a key ingredient to healing diaper rash.  It easily glides on baby’s bottom, but is thick enough to stay in place and work its magic.  The majority of the time if the Aquaphor didn’t stop the diaper rash this quickly cures it making both baby and parents happy.


Triple Paste AF:  This stuff is AMAZING for those terrible, won’t go away, keeps getting worse no matter what you do diaper rashes.  Christian had a terrible diaper rash when he was younger and no matter what we did it kept getting worse to the point of sores.  I was at a loss as nothing I knew of would work.  My pediatrician told me about this and it is a miracle worker.  After the first couple diaper changes it was like night and day, Christian was so much better.  One thing to note it has to be the ‘AF’ version which is anti-fungal.  When nothing else has worked for you, give this a try.  It is definitely more expensive but it is worth the money and was an absolute life saver for us.  I swear by this product! 


BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush:  Prior to owning I thought ‘who would buy this?’  The answer – Me, I would totally buy this.  It is amazing.  I know it seems like a silly purchase but once you use it you will wonder why you didn’t buy it sooner.  Not only does it keep your hands clean, but it also allows you to use less product while covering more of the baby’s bottom.  Prior to this my fingers would be covered in diaper cream and then I’d be stuck trying to get the new diaper fastened while not getting diaper cream everywhere.  Or I would wipe my hands clean before fastening the new diaper and just pray that my son wouldn’t pee on me.  It was a lose/lose situation.  Now my hands are clean, baby’s bottom is completely covered in diaper rash paste and everyone is happy!





  • Active ingredient: Petroleum

  • Inactive ingredient: mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin, bisabolol

  • Purchase at any grocery store, baby store, Amazon for $8 for 7oz

Maximum Strength Boudreaux’s Butt Paste:

  • Ingredients: 40% zinc oxide, castor oil, mineral oil, paraffin, Peruvian balsam and white petrolatum

  • 14oz of $13

  • Purchase at any baby store or Amazon

Triple Paste AF:

  • Active ingredient:Miconazole nitrate 2%

  • Inactive ingredients: zinc oxide, white petrolatum, corn starch, anhydrous lanolin, stearyl alcohol, beeswax, cholesterol, polysorbate 80

  • Purchase on Amazon $20 for 2oz

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush:

  • Comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased at Amazon or any large baby store for $10

  • BPA free and made of 100% soft, flexible silicone


To purchase Aquaphor CLICK HERE


To purchase Maximum Strength Boudreaux’s Butt Paste CLICK HERE


To purchase Triple Paste AF CLICK HERE


To purchase BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush CLICK HERE

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