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October 5, 2017






GREAT:  What do you do when your child HATES being swaddled with their arms down by their body, but you aren’t ready to stay good-bye to swaddling?  You run out a get a Love To Dream Swaddle.    This is made for those babies that prefer to have their hands by their head instead of on their body.  It is different because it has a patented design that allows your baby to sleep with their arms in an upward position.  It allows your baby to move their arms comfortably but also provides enough pressure to help reduce their startle-reflex meaning more sleep for both you and baby.  The design also allows the baby to which can have a real calming effect and allow themselves to self-soothe. The medical reason behind a baby’s desire to have access to their hands is that when they wake up at night, they want to self-soothe, which is simply stroking their cheeks or sucking on their hands.  Most swaddles do not allow this since their hands are restricted down by their sides. 


Every time we saw Christian while he was in the womb he had his hands above his head – it seemed to be the way he felt most comfortable.  When he came into the world we used a swaddle that kept his hands down by his body and he seemed to be perfectly content…..for the first couple weeks.  After about two weeks he decided that he missed having his hands above his hand and was no longer feeling the swaddle we were currently using so we made the switch to this one.  He slept longer than he had ever slept before – it was a miracle for us.  Christian loved sleeping with his arms up for a couple months, but eventually preferred the tightness and restriction of a traditional arms down swaddle.  Now he sleep every night with his arms up above his head – tiny humans are funny.


GOOD:  This swaddle is SO easy to use and encourages simplicity – no excess fabric, velcro or straps.  Three steps and you are done.  There is no wrapping fabrics around in complicated designs struggling to get the fabric tight enough that your baby can’t break free from it.  There is no worry that you didn’t do the swaddle correctly.  It is not only easy but foolproof.  You place your baby inside and zip them up.  This also takes away the frustration of your baby breaking free of the swaddle in the middle of the night and waking themselves up.  They are securely zipped in and are unable to bust loose like a traditional swaddle allows.  The hip-healthy design, which is recognized as Hip-Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, allows hips and legs to move freely and there is no excess or loose fabric to become a suffocation hazard.


There is a double zipper which allows you to zip up from the bottom or down from the top making those middle of the night time diaper changes easier.  And since there is no loud velcro to mess with it also makes those night time diaper changes quieter.  As an added comfort bonus there is a cover that goes over the zipper at the top so as to not rub and irritate your baby’s delicate skin.  The swaddle also makes traveling easy as there is a handy travel slot located on the rear of the swaddle.  The slot allows you to safely buckle your baby in a baby swing or bouncer while still remaining fully swaddled (NOT for use in car seat).  It is also a quick and easy way to check if your baby needs changing without unzipping the swaddle, and although this isn’t its intended purpose it is a fantastic added bonus.


BAD:  The fit is extremely snug – which is what you want – however, I feel like the sizing runs a little small.  For me this is great as my kids are skinny but maybe not for everyone.  In addition, you purchase based on weight and not height. Since I make tall, super skinny kids, Christian seemed a little scrunched on length towards the end of his use.  In the reverse, if you have a chunky baby who is shorter the suit might fit very long.  It is very important; however, that you buy based on your baby’s current weight because if you use a Love to Dream swaddle that is too big for your baby the neckline could be too loose which can be dangerous.


UGLY:  This is a great swaddle that I recommend to parents whose child doesn’t like their hands swaddled in a down position.  As with all swaddles, each baby is different when it comes to their swaddling preference.  Swaddles are not a one size fit all – babies, especially newborn babies, are particular and opinionated and love something one day and hate it the next.   



  • Comes in sizes S and Medium.

  • There are 4 different version, but the original is the only one that comes in size XS

  • Material:

    • Lite: 97% cotton, 3% elastane and up to 30% lighter than the original

    • Original:93% cotton, 7% elastane

    • Organic: Eczema friendly 95% cotton, 5% elastane GOTS organic fabric

  • Also have the Swaddle Up 50/50 which allows the hands to be removed helping with the transition out of the swaddle.

  • Machine washable, cool dryer

  • Priced around $24 -$30 (depending on color and size) and can be purchased at Amazon, Target, BuyBuyBaby and any main baby store.

To purchase click below:


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