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October 3, 2017






This review is going to be a little different than normal.  I was sent this bottle from @thebreastfeedingbottle and think it is such a great concept for breastfeeding moms who would like to give their kids a bottle.  Since my son is a unicorn baby when it comes to accepting any and every bottle offered to him I reached out to a good friend (noted as “K” below) who I’ve known since I was born to see if she could give me a hand with this review.  I really wanted to try this bottle out with someone whose child has refused all bottles previously attempted as I felt like that was the only way to truly give this bottle the best review possible.  Her daughter is 9 months old and had never previously accepted a bottle.  Complete opposite is my son who will accepts every bottle.  I also tried this bottle out to get a feel for it myself in order to provide my take on the review as well (noted as “E” below).  Below is a combination of our reviews:




K:  MY BABY TOOK A BOTTLE!!!!!!  I’m not sure if pigs are flying or if hell has frozen over because after many bottles and many tries this mom has a baby that has finally accepted a bottle.  My daughter is 9 months old and has never liked a single bottle.  It has been such a challenge for us as I always have to work around being with my daughter every 3 to 4 hours in order for her to eat.  Not anymore now that we found this bottle.  She drank great from this bottle on the first try and would even drink from it when she was really tired which was shocking as this is when she usually refuses absolutely everything.  It is such a nice feeling knowing that I no longer have to plan my entire day around my daughter’s eating schedule if I don’t want to – allowing me to have a little bit more freedom in my life.


E: This bottle is the first bottle I’ve seen on the market that provides both the look and feel of the breast.  It is truly designed to mimic the mother’s breast and help in the transition between breast and bottle.  It tries to offer breastfeeding moms peace of mind when giving a bottle as there is less likelihood of nipple confusion with this bottle.  As my son has been fully bottle-fed for the last couple weeks it actually took him a couple tries to find the correct latch as he wasn’t use to latching on a breast.  He played with it for a little bit until he remembered what he was supposed to do.  To me this is such a great sign for breastfeeding moms as it shows just how close to a breast feel and shape it is.  Once he got the hang of it, his latched looked identical to how it was when he was breastfeeding. 




E: The bottle is made in Canada with medical and food grade silicone and tritan.  It is free of BPA, BPS, latex, phthalates, lead and all known EA (estrogenic activity) agents.  It is also dishwasher friendly – but only on the top rack.  The ease of cleaning this bottle is a huge plus as it does not require a bottle brush to clean.  The design allows the bottom to be removed to get to those hard to clean areas that milk tends to settle.  The bottom of the bottle has a vented, one-way valve which allows consistent air flow which is supposed to reduce the possibility of colic and spit up.  As my son has not ever had a problem with colic or spit up I can’t attest to this statement but my kid was a happy eater and had no problems afterwards.




K: The bottle is a little confusing to use the first couple times as it is different than any other bottle that is on the market.  You really have to make sure that the top is on correctly otherwise it will leak all over the place – and while people say not to cry over spilled milk – you should most definitely cry over spilled breastmilk.  While there are so many benefits to the bottle looking like a breast, the husband wasn’t so sure about it at first.


E:  I agree with K.  The bottle is very unique and unlike any other bottle on the market so you don’t instinctively know how to work it.  I think I stared at it for a couple minutes before figuring out how to get the lid off and fill it with milk.  While the bottle never leaked when I was using it, it did start leaking after we were done and I had placed it in the sink. You really need to make sure you have it on correctly and I would recommend trying it with water a couple times before you get the hang out it so you don’t waste any liquid gold.




K:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about the bottle.  The fact that my daughter took to the bottle and actually drank out of it even when exhausted speaks volumes for how great this bottle can be for breastfeeding moms. 


E:  I also have nothing ugly to say.  If you have tried 1,000,000 different bottles it might be worth your while to try just 1 more!


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