Nap Mat - 1.5" Foam with Minky Blanket and Pillow

October 2, 2017





GREAT:  This mat is so comfortable I’ve contemplated stealing it and taking my naps on it……oh wait I don’t get nap time.  The 1.5” of foam provides the perfect amount of comfort to make any place feel like home.  I never thought my son would sleep anywhere outside of his crib in a million years, yet first day of Mother’s Day Out he slept.  Now to be completely honest with you, he hasn’t napped much since that first day, but he stays on his mat the whole hour relaxing in comfort.  The minky blanket is incredibly soft and you just want to rub your face on it.  There is an attached pillow that can be flipped down or up – depending if your kid wants to use it or just lay on the mat.  The mat cover, foam, pillow and blanket are all machine washable but need to be hung to dry so cleaning is relatively easy.  The mat  rolls up and velcros shut in order to easily carry to and from Mother’s Day Out or take with you when you travel.


The high quality of this nap mat is exactly what you want as a mom for your kid and it all comes at a great price.  The mat is $60 for 1” and $68 for 1.5”.  There is an additional $10 charge if you want to upgrade the blanket from fleece to minky (which I recommend as the minky blanket is pretty awesome).  The Esty shop is called JustAPiddlin and was a pleasure to work with.


GOOD:  The Etsy shop where I purchased was so easy and great to work with.  There are tons of different prints to choose from and if she doesn’t have the print you want she can try to find it for you.  My niece just absolutely had to have a Frozen themed nap mat; however, my sister couldn’t find an option like this on the site.  After a quick conversation with the shop owner my niece got the perfect Frozen nap mat.  I was able to customize the color blanket I wanted to perfectly match the dinosaur print that Christian picked out.  Really anything you can dream of the shop can make happen for you.


BAD:  I’ve noticed that the blanket can shed a little bit.  It isn’t the end of the world but I hate seeing little bits on blanket on the mat.  It seems to get better and better after each wash so I have a feeling this is just a temporary bad and not a forever bad.  Putting the foam back into the cover after washing is a little bit harder than I thought it would be.  I was able to get it back in but it took me a bit to get it flat and snug again without the mat pushing up due to not fitting into the cover correctly.

UGLY:  I do not have anything ugly to say about this product.  The quality is great, the comfort is exceptional and the shop was fast and easy to work with.


To purchase CLICK HERE

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