Project Nursery 5" Baby Monitor and 1.5" Mini Monitor

September 27, 2017




GREAT:  This is my absolute favorite non-wifi baby monitor that I have tried – and trust me I have tried more baby monitors than I care to count.  The most important thing to me about this monitor is how reliable it is – it always works.  There was never a minute of frustration with this monitor.  I was able to see and hear Christian 24/7 which is just the way it should be when you are a first time mom.  The picture is beautiful, even at night, and when you zoom in the picture is still clear and doesn’t get pixelated or blurry. This monitor is made by moms for moms which you can tell by all the features.  You have remote pan/tilt/zoom camera, temperature / sound / movement alerts, infrared night vision, two-way audio intercom, 800 ft range, pair up to 4 camera with a quad view mode and the ability to play white noise or lullaby renditions of rock songs brought to you by Rockabye Baby. 


I know a lot of first time moms who are worried about the temperature of their baby’s room due to it being on a different AC unit.  I have yet to find a good individual product on the market that monitors the temperature and alerts you if the room gets too cold or too hot.  With this monitor you are able to do just that – you can set a low and high temperature and if the room ever passes those barriers an alert will be sent to the parent unit.


This monitor also comes with a 1.5” mini monitor.  When I first purchased this baby monitor I was extremely excited about the mini monitor and thought of all the ways and times I would use it.  Truth is I maybe used it once.  The main parent unit just isn’t that big and is easy to take around the house making the mini monitor not necessary for me.  Also, you can only use one monitor at a time – meaning if you see the baby on the mini monitor the parent monitor is inactive and vice versa.  While I love the concept of the mini monitor I ended up not using it.


GOOD:  The monitor is incredibly easy to set up and use.  As I said above this was made by moms and therefore they made sure to make this a painless product.  You can set it up within minutes and be using it like a pro instantly. 


The customer service of this company is also phenomenal.  I purchased this monitor the day it came out (I had an alert reminder of the release day as I was so excited for it) and so I received one of the first units.  When I received my monitor the lullabye feature didn’t work.  I contacted customer service and received a return phone call from the President of the company.  He had me on speaker phone with his team and walked me through steps to try and fix the issue.  When we realized it couldn’t be fixed they overnighted me a new unit.  When I received the unit they also sent me their Smart Sight and Sound Projector as an apology for my inconvenience.  Before you say ‘well you are a blogger and they didn’t want a bad review’ – this was 1.5 years ago way before I was a blogger.  I was just a normal customer with an issue and they went above and beyond to fix it.


BAD:  The only reason I stopped using this monitor is because the range didn’t work in our new house.  Our room and Christian’s room are on different levels and at opposite ends and so the signal would go in and out all through the night in our room.  If you were at the bedroom door it worked great but by the bed and you got a signal 30% of the time.  I really needed the Wifi ability and this monitor doesn’t have it.  Project Nursery has recently released a Wifi monitor with a parent unit, unfortunately it was not available when we moved and I have not yet had the opportunity to try it out.


UGLY:  I have nothing ugly to say about this monitor.  I have tried countless monitors and this was the first one that worked like it was supposed to work.  I was so sad when the range wouldn’t work in the new house and even tried to wait it out for the Wifi version to be released but unfortunately the timing didn’t work out.


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