Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

September 25, 2017





GREAT:  This toy will mesmerize your child regardless of age.  Both my boys loved this even when they were newborn babies and today at 21 months and 7 months they are still both captivated by this little guy.  My husband calls it a Baby Rave as the toy belts out its electronic beats while also putting on an entertaining light show.  My kids call it Pure Happiness.  This little guys has brought so many smiles and giggles into my household that it will forever be a loved toy.  You can get the party started by pushing BeatBo’s tummy or any of the buttons on his feet to activate the songs, lights and dance moves.  There are 3 different modes of play – dance n’move for music, learning & games for ABCs, colors and counting and then the customized sing-along where you can record a phrase that BeatBo will repeat to music.  You can also push BeatBo’s tummy for fun phrases and light surprises.  This is one of those toys that instantly stops a baby mid-cry as they become so intrigued with the show they forget what it was they were crying about.  Now that Christian is older he is able to interact with BeatBo on a different level as he will follow along to what BeatBo says to do such as stomp, clap, and wiggle.  The other day when BeatBo was playing Freeze Dance Christian would actually freeze when BeatBo would yell ‘freeze’ and stop the music.  There has already been a couple fights over BeatBo as Thomas will be enjoying the toy and Christian will run over and try to take him away to play with him.  It is nice that this isn’t a toy your kid will quickly grow out of – it is a toy that will continue to grow with your kid.


GOOD:  I love that this toy is still well loved by Christian even though it has been out in the playroom for over a year.  He doesn’t get tired of it.  Every kid that comes to our house loves to play with BeatBo.  While the music can get annoying (see bad), I do like that BeatBo calls out dance moves and gets your child to work on motor skills AND listening/following directions to dance with him.  I really enjoy the Learning & Games mode of the toy as BeatBo makes learning fun.  When he sings about colors his tummy lights up the color he is singing about to give not just audio learning but also visual learning.  When he is signing the ABCs he is dancing around and flashing his light show to engage the kid.  It is interesting to me that this toy is marketed for ages 9 months and up as my kids loved it from day one.  I believe the reasoning is that it can easily tip over when pulled so you would hate for a youngster to pull this over and hit their head.  Beatbo couldn’t do much damage but I understand the better safe than sorry motto. 


BAD:  This is one of those toys that plays music and tunes that will stick in your head.  It is also a toy that will be played with a lot.  On those days when we are stuck inside and BeatBo gets extra love, I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t get an urge to take out his batteries or accidentally break him to not have to hear one more song.  The one plus is that there are two different volume settings and the low is actually low enough that you can tune it out to keep your sanity.


UGLY:  I don’t have anything ugly to say about this toy.  It has been thrown around, hugged, fought over and chewed on and it still looks and works good as new.  This toy will be dancing for months and months to come.


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* There is a new version on this toy called Bright Beats BeatBo LX.  The main differences is that there are 4 modes of play (old version is 3), it can spin 360 degrees (old version doesn’t spin), plays 120+ songs (old version probably closer to 20 but they never state how many exactly) and the new version has received a face lift so looks slightly different.  Old version $32 and new version $40 – so go with the new version.

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