My Top Three Newborn Toys

September 22, 2017





1) Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy


This toy is made by fairies and is the most magical toy in all of the land.  For both my boys this was my number one go-to device when they would cry without actually needing anything.  The minute I would turn it on there would be instant silence and happiness – they were both just memorized by it and couldn’t get enough of the music and lights.  As they would get older the magic of the toy was never lost.  They both would hold it, chew on it and laugh and giggle while the music and lightshow was on.  The cutest has been when Thomas would cry Christian would go run and find this toy and put it in front of Thomas’ face to try and make him happy.  What is even better than this being the magic ‘make baby happy toy’ – its under $8!  This is lead and BPA free and non-toxic.  It requires 2 AA batteries and plays 7 classical melodies by Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini.  The small size of the toy makes it so easy to throw in your diaper bag and take with you allowing you to have a happy baby no matter where you go.  If you are about to have a baby or just had a baby, do yourself a favor and scoop this up. 


2)  Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy


This mesmerizing maze is the perfect baby teething toy and is great for promoting clutching and two-handed play.  Both of my kids LOVED this toy.  It was the first toy where I felt like I was able to truly play with my babies.  The middle cube contains a rattle noise which is great when working on those initial tracking skills at a young age.  When baby was looking left I would put this toy on the right side and shake it and see if baby would look to find the noise.   The bright colors were also great for tracking, once my son was engaged with the toy I would move it back and forth and just watch him follow it with his eyes.  As the kids got older they enjoyed being able to grip and hold the toy.  The design of the toy is perfect for small hands – the loops are so thin and so readily available that no matter where their hands would land they would end up on some loop or another allowing them to grip the toy, hold it by themselves and move it around.  The toy is BPA, lead and PVC free and can even be refrigerated to provide a more soothing experience for sore baby gums and teeth.  This toy is great for taking with you and traveling as you can squish it down into any space and it will bounce back to its natural shape quickly.  As if the toy wasn’t perfect enough it is only $10.


3) Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Soft Activity Toy Elephant


There is so much for your kid to love about this elephant.  Those little hands will stay active for hours with this colorful guy exploring the different patterns, textures and sounds.  The elephant rattles, crinkles and has a soft bandana teether for multi-sensory play.  As newborns both of my boys would just stare at this little guy, mesmerized by the colors and patterns.  If either of them started getting fussy a quick dance of this elephant in front of them would bring on the smiles and giggles and they would immediately reach out for the elephant.  The boys would love eating the elephant and playing with the different sounds and textures – the crinkling noise was one of their most favorite parts of the toy and they would always stop and stare at themselves in the mirrored ear.  This toy is also super portable as you can clip it onto bouncers, car seat, stroller, etc.  For $15 this toy can’t be missed!


To purchase Baby Einstein toy CLICK HERE


To purchase Winkel Rattle toy CLICK HERE


To purchase Elephant toy CLICK HERE

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